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On the first sitting day of each fortnight, a complete Notice Paper is published containing all unanswered questions. On subsequent days, only new questions for the sitting are included in the Notice Paper. The full text of all unanswered questions is available at:


Questions unanswered


Nos 9, 59, 62, 100-112, 114-115, 117, 120-126, 128-132, 135-137, 140, 142-145, 148, 150, 152-161, 163-172, 174-175, 177-191.


19 June 2014

62545603-96dc-4129-b631-bee54dfe623e   *192    Ms Rowland : To ask the Treasurer—With the Government’s plans to increase the retirement age to 70 (as announced as a budget measure on 13 May 2014), what will the Government do to ensure that workers who are made redundant over the age of 65 receive the same tax advantage as other workers receiving an Eligible Termination Payment in the case of a genuine redundancy.

c1bf5c40-8f86-40cf-8839-b055f0c99366   *193    Mr Katter : To ask the Minister representing the Minister for Finance—Why will the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) not release to constituents in the electoral division of Kennedy, the full brief sent to ASIC’s legal counsel and the counsel’s full memorandum of advice in respect of the South Johnstone Mill case.

53002a7f-768a-4602-a83a-222af3f313f1   *194    Mr Katter : To ask the Minister for Agriculture—Why have imports of grapes from California not been halted until every guarantee can be made that Australia’s grape industry is not at risk from ‘Red Blotch’ disease.

38e8cc8a-ede1-45e7-a409-ddf68202ba23   *195    Mr Ferguson : To ask the Minister for Immigration and Border Protection—When a visa was issued to Rana Tahir Javaid, brother of Rana Iftikhar Ahmad Khan (otherwise known as Muhammad Iftikhar), was his department alerted to any pending warrants and/or court cases in Pakistan.







                                                                                    D. R. Elder

                                                                                            Clerk of the House of Representatives