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On the first sitting day of each fortnight, a complete Notice Paper is published containing all unanswered questions. On subsequent days, only new questions for the sitting are included in the Notice Paper. The full text of all unanswered questions is available at:


Questions unanswered


Nos 9, 59, 62, 100-112, 114-115, 117, 120-126, 128-132, 135-137, 140, 142-145, 148, 150, 152-161, 163-188.


18 June 2014

29724dbc-ee55-4ca4-b1ef-5b05f5e26cae   *189    Ms Rowland : To ask the Minister for Social Services—Why has the Coptic Orthodox Church of South Australia not received $10,000 of Stream One funding from the Building Multicultural Communities Program, and when will it receive this sum.

ea45f683-05ae-4350-a4e8-f1aa4a83b9db   *190    Mr Thomson : To ask the Minister representing the Minister for Employment—What is the unemployment level of Australian (a) pilots, (b) engineers, (c) flight attendants, and (d) truck drivers.

fe84b1e6-cce1-4516-a154-44ae988b2cc3   *191    Mr Thomson : To ask the Treasurer—What was the total cost of the National Commission of Audit.






                                                                                    D. R. Elder

                                                                                            Clerk of the House of Representatives