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10.10 AM TO 12 NOON


Presentation and statements

     *1    Northern Australia—Joint Select Committee : Scaling Up: Inquiry into Opportunities for Expanding Aquaculture in Northern Australia. ( Statements to conclude by 10.20 am. )



         1    Mr Katter : To present a Bill for an Act to amend the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013 , and for related purposes. ( Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Amendment (Procuring Australian Goods and Services) Bill 2016 )

              ( Notice given 9 February 2016. Time allowed—10 minutes. )

    † 2    Mr Champion : To move—That this House acknowledges that penalty rates are relied upon by Australian workers and their families to cover everyday costs of living, no matter if they are full time, part time or casual, including workers such as:

(1)         nurses;

(2)         police, firefighters and ambulance officers;

(3)         retail and hospitality workers;

(4)         manufacturing industry employees;

(5)         services sector employees; and

(6)         tourism and transport industry employees.

              ( Notice given 9 February 2016. Time allowed—30 minutes. )

Order of the day

      †1   NBN rollout: Resumption of debate ( from  12 October 2015 ) on the motion of Mrs Wicks —That this House:

(1)         places on the record that:

(a)         under the previous Government, at the time of the last election just 2 per cent of premises across Australia could access the National Broadband Network (NBN); and

(b)         since the election the NBN rollout has ramped up significantly and today around one in ten premises can access the NBN and under the NBN’s new Corporate Plan, by June 2018, three in four premises will have access to the NBN;

(2)         notes that:

(a)         the NBN’s 2016-2018 Corporate Plan reveals that a full fibre to the premises (FTTP) NBN could not be completed until 2026 at the earliest and could be as late as 2028—six to eight years later than the current Government’s plan; and

(b)         the NBN 2016-2018 Corporate Plan reveals that a full FTTP NBN would cost between $20 and $30 billion dollars more than the current Government’s plan; and

(3)         recognises that it is essential to deliver fast broadband to Australians sooner—not force Australians with no or poor broadband to wait more than a decade for the NBN.

              ( Time allowed—30 minutes. )

Notices —continued

    † 3    Mr Giles : To move—That this House:

(1)         calls on the Government to apologise to Save the Children Australia and its staff, after the Review of recommendation nine from the Moss Review confirmed findings from the Review into recent allegations relating to conditions and circumstances at the Regional Processing Centre in Nauru, that the Government unfairly removed ten Save the Children Australia staff from Nauru;

(2)         acknowledges that there is no evidence to support the claims made against Save the Children Australia staff at Nauru; and

(3)         notes the great work done by Save the Children Australia in aid, development and helping vulnerable children.

              ( Notice given 2 February 2016. Time allowed—remaining private Members’ business time prior to 12 noon. )