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Unless otherwise shown, appointed for life of 45th Parliament


Pursuant to standing orders

AGRICULTURE AND WATER RESOURCES: Mr R. J. Wilson ( Chair ), Ms Swanson ( Deputy Chair ), Mr Broad, Ms Keay, Mr Keogh, Dr McVeigh, Mr Pasin, Mr Ramsey.

Current inquiry:

Biosecurity of the Australian honey bee industry.

APPROPRIATIONS AND ADMINISTRATION: The Speaker ( Chair ), Mr Hart, Mr Hayes, Ms Marino, Mr R. G. Mitchell, Mr Morton, Ms Owens, Mr Ramsey, Mr van Manen.

COMMUNICATIONS AND THE ARTS: Mr Howarth ( Chair ), Mr Watts ( Deputy Chair ), Mr Broad, Ms Henderson, Mr Littleproud, Ms McBride, Ms Templeman, Mr R. J. Wilson.

ECONOMICS: Mr Coleman ( Chair ), Mr Thistlethwaite ( Deputy Chair ),  Mr Bandt, Ms Banks, Mr Buchholz, Mr Evans, Mr Hogan, Mr C. Kelly, Mr Keogh, Ms M. M. H. King.

Current inquiries:

Review of the 2016 Reserve Bank of Australia Annual Report.

Review of the Four Major Banks

Tax deductibility.

EMPLOYMENT, EDUCATION AND TRAINING: Mr Laming ( Chair ), Ms T. M. Butler ( Deputy Chair ), Mr Evans, Ms Lamb, Mr Leeser, Mr O’Connor, Mr O’Dowd, Ms Sharkie, Mrs Sudmalis, Mr Wallace.

Current inquiry:

Innovation and creativity: workforce for the new economy.

ENVIRONMENT AND ENERGY: Mr Broad ( Chair ), Mr Conroy ( Deputy Chair ), Mr Entsch, Mr Evans, Mr Howarth, Mr C. Kelly, Mr Khalil, Ms Stanley.

Current inquiry:

Flying-fox management in the eastern states.

HEALTH, AGED CARE AND SPORT: Mr Zimmerman ( Chair ), Mr Georganas ( Deputy Chair ), Mr Drum, Dr Freelander, Mr Laming, Mrs Wicks, Mr T. R. Wilson, Mr Zappia.

Current inquiry:

The hearing health and wellbeing of Australia.

HOUSE: The Speaker ( Chair ), Mr Hayes, Ms Marino, Mr Perrett, Mr Ramsey, Ms Ryan, Mr van Manen.

INDIGENOUS AFFAIRS: Ms Price ( Chair ), Mr Snowdon ( Deputy Chair ), Ms Claydon, Mr Hammond, Mr Ted O’Brien, Mr L. S. O’Brien, Mrs Sudmalis, Mr R. J. Wilson.

Current inquiry:

Educational opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students.

INDUSTRY, INNOVATION, SCIENCE AND RESOURCES: Ms M. L. Landry ( Chair ), Mr Gosling ( Deputy Chair ), Mr Khalil, Mr Littleproud, Dr McVeigh, Mr B. K. Mitchell, Mr Ted O’Brien, Mr T. R. Wilson.

Current inquiry:

Driverless vehicles.

INFRASTRUCTURE, TRANSPORT AND CITIES: Mr Alexander ( Chair ), Ms Bird ( Deputy Chair ), Mr Entsch, Mr Giles, Ms McBride, Ms McGowan, Mr Ted O’Brien, Mr L. S. O’Brien, Mr Wallace, Mr Zimmerman.

PETITIONS: Mr Vasta ( Chair ), Mrs Elliot ( Deputy Chair ), Mr Broadbent, Mr Buchholz, Mr Georganas, Mr Morton, Mr O’Dowd. ( Members to be appointed )

PRIVILEGES AND MEMBERS’ INTERESTS: Mr Broadbent ( Chair ), Mr Conroy ( Deputy Chair ), Mr K. J. Andrews, Mr Fitzgibbon, Mr Giles, Mr Goodenough, Mr Irons, Ms M. L. Landry, Mr Pasin, Mr Snowdon, Mr Swan.

PROCEDURE: Mr Pasin ( Chair ), Mr Dick ( Deputy Chair ), Ms T. M. Butler, Mr Gee, Mr Goodenough, Mr Irons, Ms Ryan.

Current inquiry:

Maintenance of the Standing Orders.

PUBLICATIONS: Mr Christensen ( Chair ), Ms M. M. H. King ( Deputy Chair ), Mr Falinski, Ms Lamb, Ms Marino, Ms Stanley, Mr Vasta.

Current inquiry:

Printing standards for documents presented to Parliament.

SELECTION: The Speaker ( Chair ), Mr Christensen, Mr Georganas, Mr Hayes, Ms M. L. Landry, Ms Marino, Mr Perrett, Mr Ramsey, Mr Robert, Ms Ryan, Mr van Manen.

SOCIAL POLICY AND LEGAL AFFAIRS: Ms Henderson ( Chair ), Ms Claydon ( Deputy Chair ), Ms Banks, Mr Christensen, Dr Freelander, Ms Husar, Mr Morton, Mr T. R. Wilson.

TAX AND REVENUE: Mr Hogan ( Chair ), Ms Owens ( Deputy Chair ), Ms T. M. Butler, Mr Dick, Mr Falinski, Ms Flint, Mr Leeser, Mr van Manen.

Current inquiries:

Taxpayer engagement with the tax system.

2015-2016 Annual Report of the Australian Taxation Office.

Joint Select

GOVERNMENT PROCUREMENT ( Formed 1 December 2016 ): Senator Abetz, Senator Bernardi, Senator Carr, Senator Kitching, Senator Xenophon. ( Members to be appointed ).

Joint Statutory

AUSTRALIAN COMMISSION FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT INTEGRITY: Senator McKenzie ( Chair ), Senator Bilyk ( Deputy Chair ), Mr Buchholz, Mrs Elliot, Mr L. S. O’Brien, Mr Robert, Mr Zappia, Senator O’Sullivan, Senator  Watt. ( Member to be appointed )

Current inquiry:

Integrity of Australia’s border arrangements.

BROADCASTING OF PARLIAMENTARY PROCEEDINGS: The Speaker ( Chairman ), The President ( Vice-Chairman ), Mr K. J. Andrews, Ms Bird, Mr Christensen, Ms Templeman, Mr Vasta. ( Members to be appointed )

CORPORATIONS AND FINANCIAL SERVICES: Mr Irons ( Chair ), Senator O’Neill ( Deputy Chair ) , Ms T. M. Butler, Mr Falinski, Mr Keogh, Mr van Manen, Senator Ketter , Senator Williams, Senator Whish-Wilson, Senator Xenophon .

Current inquiries:

Life insurance industry.

Oversight of ASIC, the Takeovers Panel and the Corporations Legislation No. 1 of the 45th Parliament.

Whistleblower protections in the corporate, public and not-for-profit sectors.

HUMAN RIGHTS: Mr Goodenough ( Chair ), Mr Perrett ( Deputy Chair ), Mr Broadbent, Ms M. M. H. King, Mr Leeser, Senator Brown, Senator McKim, Senator Moore, Senator Paterson, Senator Reynolds.

INTELLIGENCE AND SECURITY: Mr Byrne ( Deputy Chair ), Mr Dreyfus, Mr Hastie, Dr M. J. Kelly, Mr Wood, Senator Bushby, Senator Fawcett, Senator McAllister, Senator McKenzie, Senator Wong. ( Member to be appointed )

Current inquiries:

Review of Administration and Expenditure No. 14 (2014-2015).

Review of Administration and Expenditure No. 15 (2015-2016).

Review of the listing of al-Qa’ida in the Indian Subcontinent, Islamic State in Libya and Islamic State Sinai Province, and the re-listing of al-Qa’ida in the Arabian Peninsula as terrorist organisations under the Criminal Code.

Telecommunications and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2016.

LAW ENFORCEMENT: Mr C. Kelly ( Chair ), Mr Hayes ( Deputy Chair ), Dr Aly, Mr L. S. O’Brien, Mr Wood, Senator Abetz, Senator Farrell, Senator O’Sullivan , Senator Singh . ( Member to be appointed )

Current inquiries:

Crystal methamphetamine (ice).

Human trafficking.

Illicit tobacco.

PUBLIC ACCOUNTS AND AUDIT: Senator Smith ( Chair ), Mr Hill ( Deputy Chair ), Ms Brodtmann, Ms Flint, Mr Gee, Mr Hart, Mr Hogan, Mr Irons, Ms M. M. H. King, Mr Laming, Dr McVeigh, Senator Bernardi, Senator Ketter, Senator McAllister, Senator McKenzie. ( Members to be appointed )

Current inquiries:

Commonwealth performance framework.

Commonwealth procurement.

Commonwealth risk management.

Defence sustainment expenditure.

Public sector governance.

2015-16 Defence Major Projects Report.

PUBLIC WORKS: Mr Buchholz ( Chair ), Mr Zappia ( Deputy Chair ), Mr Coleman, Mr Goodenough, Ms Keay, Ms Ryan, Senator Gallacher, Senator Smith, Senator Williams.

Current inquiries:

Australian Federal Police Facility Security Enhancement Project.

Broadmeadows, Victoria—Proposed Melbourne Immigration Transit Accommodation Project. Canberra, Australian Capital Territory—Proposed fit-out and relocation of the Australian Cyber Security Centre.

Geelong, Victoria—Proposed fit-out of new leased premises for the National Disability Insurance Agency and the Department of Human Services.

JP500 Phase 2A—Electronic Warfare Operations Support Facility Project.

LAND 17 Phase 1B/1C—Construction and upgrade of indirect fire support facilities.

Northam, Western Australia—Proposed Yongah Hill Immigration Detention Centre Hardening Project at Mitchell Avenue.

Paris, France—Australian Chancery Project, base building refurbishment, International Energy Agency tenancy fit-out.

Proposed fit-out of new leased premises for the Department of Immigration and Border Protection Headquarters Project.

Swanbourne, Western Australia—Proposed upgrades to housing for Defence families at Seaward Village.

Washington, District of Columbia, United States of America—Australian Embassy Project.

Woomera Range Remediation Facilities Project.

Joint Standing

ELECTORAL MATTERS: Senator Reynolds ( Chair ), Mr Giles ( Deputy   Chair ), Mr Buchholz, Mr Dick, Mr Morton, Mrs Wicks, Senator Ketter, Senator O’Sullivan, Senator Rhiannon, Senator Singh.

Current inquiry:

Conduct of the 2016 federal election and matters related thereto.

FOREIGN AFFAIRS, DEFENCE AND TRADE: Senator Fawcett ( Chair ), Mr Champion ( Deputy Chair ), Dr Aly, Mr K. J. Andrews, Ms Claydon, Mr Crewther, Mr Drum, Mr Feeney, Mr Hastie, Mr C. Kelly, Ms M. M. H. King, Mr Littleproud, Dr McVeigh, Mr Perrett, Ms Price, Mr Ramsey, Mr Snowdon, Mrs Sudmalis, Ms Vamvakinou, Mr Wood, Mr Zimmerman, Senator Back, Senator Chisholm, Senator Gallacher, Senator Ketter, Senator Ludlam, Senator Macdonald, Senator McKenzie, Senator Moore, Senator O’Neill, Senator Reynolds. ( Member to be appointed )

Current inquiries:

Australia’s trade and investment relationship with the United Kingdom.

Freedom of religion and belief.

Review of the Defence Annual Report 2015-16.

MIGRATION: Mr Wood ( Chair ), Ms Vamvakinou ( Deputy Chair ), Mr Drum, Mr Georganas, Mr Neumann, Mr Vasta, Senator Back, Senator Dastyari, Senator McKim, Senator Paterson.

Current inquiry:

Migrant settlement outcomes.

NATIONAL BROADBAND NETWORK: Mrs Wicks ( Chair ), Mr J. H. Wilson ( Deputy Chair ), Mr Broad, Ms Brodtmann, Mr Howarth, Mr Jones, Ms McGowan, Mr B.K. Mitchell, Senator Griff, Senator Hanson, Senator Hume, Senator Ketter, Senator Ludlam, Senator O’Neill, Senator Smith, Senator Urquhart. ( Member to be appointed )

NATIONAL CAPITAL AND EXTERNAL TERRITORIES: Mr Hastie ( Chair ), Ms Brodtmann ( Deputy Chair ), Mr Coulton, Mr Leeser, Mr Snowdon, Senator Duniam, Senator Gallagher, Senator Lines, Senator McCarthy, Senator Paterson, Senator Rhiannon. ( Member to be appointed )

Current inquiries:

Review of the National Capital Authority: Biannual Public Briefings.

Strategic importance of the Indian Ocean Territories.

NATIONAL DISABILITY INSURANCE SCHEME: Mr K. J. Andrews ( Chair ), Senator Gallacher ( Deputy Chair ), Ms Husar, Ms Macklin, Mrs Sudmalis, Mr Wallace, Senator Brown, Senator Duniam, Senator Hume, Senator Siewert.

Current inquiries:

The provision of hearing services under the NDIS.

The provision of services under the NDIS for people with psychosocial disabilities related to a mental health condition.

NORTHERN AUSTRALIA: Mr Entsch ( Chair ), Mr Snowdon ( Deputy Chair ), Ms M. L. Landry, Ms O’Toole, Ms Price, Senator Dodson, Senator Macdonald, Senator McCarthy, Senator Smith, Senator Waters.

Current inquiry:

Opportunities and methods for stimulating the tourism industry in Northern Australia.

PARLIAMENTARY LIBRARY: Mr Ramsey ( Chair ), Senator Lines ( Chair ), Mr Broadbent, Mr Byrne, Dr Freelander, Ms Stanley, Mr van Manen, Mr Zimmerman, Senator Back, Senator Duniam, Senator Moore, Senator Paterson. ( Member to be appointed )

Trade and investment growth : Mr O’Dowd ( Chair ), Senator Watt ( Deputy Chair ), Mr Alexander, Mr Hill, Mr Khalil, Mr R. J. Wilson, Senator Abetz, Senator Bushby, Senator Chisholm. ( Member to be appointed )

Current inquiry:

Growth potential in Australia’s trade and investment relationship with Indonesia.

TREATIES: Mr Robert ( Chair ), Mr Danby ( Deputy Chair ), Mr Alexander, Mr Crewther, Ms Marino,  Ms Templeman, Mr Vasta, Mr Wallace, Mr J. H. Wilson, Senator Back, Senator Dastyari, Senator Fawcett, Senator Hanson-Young, Senator Kitching, Senator Macdonald, Senator McAllister.

Current inquiries:

Classified Information Exchange—France

Future Submarine Program—France

Harmonization of Wheeled Vehicles—Revision

Loan Agreement International Monetary Fund

Nuclear Research Co-operation Agreement

Social Security—New Zealand






NATIONAL ARCHIVES OF AUSTRALIA ADVISORY COUNCIL: Mrs Prentice ( appointed 3 March 2014, for a period of 3 years ).

COUNCIL OF THE NATIONAL LIBRARY OF AUSTRALIA: Mr Leeser ( appointed 10 November 2016, for a period of 3 years )

PARLIAMENTARY RETIRING ALLOWANCES TRUST: Mr Entsch ( appointed 15 September 2016 ); Mr Fitzgibbon ( appointed 19 October 2010 ).






By Authority of the House of Representatives