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10.10 AM TO 12 NOON



         1    Mr Katter : To present a Bill for an Act to amend the Trade Marks Act 1995 , and for related purposes. ( Trade Marks Amendment (Iconic Symbols of National Identity) Bill 2015 )

              ( Notice given 18 August 2015. Time allowed—10 minutes. )

    †2    Mrs Wicks : To move—That this House:

(1)         places on the record that:

(a)         under the previous Government, at the time of the last election just 2 per cent of premises across Australia could access the National Broadband Network (NBN);

(b)         since the election the NBN rollout has ramped up significantly and today around one in ten premises can access the NBN and under the NBN’s new Corporate Plan, by June 2018, three in four premises will have access to the NBN; and

(2)         notes that:

(a)         the NBN’s 2016-2018 Corporate Plan reveals that a full fibre to the premises (FTTP) NBN could not be completed until 2026 at the earliest and could be as late as 2028—six to eight years later than the current Government’s plan;

(b)         the NBN 2016-2018 Corporate Plan reveals that a full FTTP NBN would cost between $20 and $30 billion dollars more than the current Government’s plan; and

(3)         recognises that it is essential to deliver fast broadband to Australians sooner—not force Australians with no or poor broadband to wait more than a decade for the NBN.

              ( Notice given 7 September 2015. Time allowed—30 minutes. )

    †3    Mr Champion : To move—That this House:

(1)         notes:

(a)         the recent media investigation on the ABC program Four Corners about the abuse of 7-Eleven employees;

(b)         complaints against the 7-Eleven franchise included employees being underpaid and forced to breach their visa requirements and work very long hours without a break; and

(c)         these reports and the employment practices of 7-Eleven franchisees have caused significant community concern which must be addressed; and

(2)         calls on the Government to:

(a)         take immediate action to address the abuse of workers across the 7-Eleven franchise network; and

(b)         ensure that workers that were forced by their employers to breach their visa conditions are not penalised.

              ( Notice given 7 September 2015. Time allowed—20 minutes. )

    †4    Mrs Griggs : To move—That this House:

(1)         commends the fantastic work that the Minister for Trade and Investment and the Government are doing to make Northern Australia’s economic development a priority;

(2)         notes that the Northern Australia Investment Forum, the next stepping stone in bringing Australia’s broader strengths to Northern Australia, will focus on:

(a)         the important initiatives highlighted in the White Paper on Developing Northern Australia to help business capitalise on the region’s strengths by removing barriers to investment; and

(b)         showcase investment opportunities on offer and in prospect in the north; and

(3)         recognises:

(a)         that Northern Australia accounts for a significant share of Australia’s exports with more than half of Australia’s sea exports leaving via northern ports;

(b)         that the north will account for 42 per cent of the Australian economy by 2040, up from 35 per cent in 2011; and

(c)         the exciting potential for increased investment, trade, infrastructure, and agriculture production in the north and the job opportunities this could create.

              ( Notice given 18 August 2015. Time allowed—20 minutes. )

    †5    Ms MacTiernan : To move—That the House:

(1)         recognises the failure of the Western Australian and Australian governments to manage the Western Australian economy;

(2)         notes that under the Western Australian and Australian governments in Western Australia:

(a)         unemployment reached its highest rate in 13 years at 6.4 per cent, with 59,000 more Western Australians out of work since the Liberal Party formed government in Western Australia;

(b)         business investment dropped 12.7 per cent over the year to June 2015;

(c)         state final demand fell by 3.6 per cent in the year to June 2015;

(d)         the state’s credit rating was downgraded by Moody’s and Standard & Poor’s;

(e)         business and consumer confidence are at record low levels;

(f)          state net debt has blown out from $3.6 billion in 2008 when the Liberal Party formed government in Western Australia to $30 billion in 2015; and

(g)         cost of living increased sharply by 54.3 per cent; and

(3)         condemns the:

(a)         Australian Government for:

                                                          (i)       cutting $3.1 billion from Western Australian schools and $5.8 billion from hospitals over 10 years; and

                                                        (ii)       removing the level playing field from Western Australia in the manufacture of offshore patrol vessels; and

(b)         Western Australian and Australian governments for squandering the mining boom and failing to diversify the Western Australian economy and create a jobs and growth plan for the future.

              ( Notice given 8 September 2015. Time allowed—remaining private Members’ business time prior to 12 noon. )