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30 October 2012

* 1287  DR STONE: To ask the Minister for Infrastructure and Transport—

(1) Is he aware that travellers regularly face delays of up to two hours between Seymour and Albury on the Victorian section of the Melbourne to Sydney railway track.

(2) What measures is he taking to have Australian Rail Track Corporation maintain this line so that trains can safely travel at normal speeds, and to prevent such delays in the future.

(3) If repairs to the line are scheduled to take some time, what alternative forms of transport will the Government provide for the travelling public.

* 1288  MR FLETCHER: To ask the Treasurer—Further to his answer to question in writing No. 1137 (House Hansard , 9 October 2012, page P141), why is he unable to provide an update on the specific investment information he provided in 2010 (see question in writing No. 1314, House Hansard , 11 May 2010, page 3185).




Clerk of the House of Representatives