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Unless otherwise shown, appointed for life of 43rd Parliament


Pursuant to standing orders

ABORIGINAL AND TORRES STRAIT ISLANDER AFFAIRS: Mr Neumann ( Chair ), Dr Stone ( Deputy Chair ), Ms Grierson, Ms Griggs, Mr Haase, Mr Husic, Mr Perrett.

Current inquiry:

High level of involvement of Indigenous juveniles and young adults in the criminal justice system.

AGRICULTURE, RESOURCES, FISHERIES AND FORESTRY: Mr Adams ( Chair ), Mr Schultz ( Deputy Chair ), Mr Cheeseman, Mr Christensen, Mr Crook, Mr Lyons, Mr Mitchell, Mr Tehan.

APPROPRIATIONS AND ADMINISTRATION: The Speaker ( Chair ), Mr Fitzgibbon, Ms Hall, Mr E. T. Jones, Mr C. Kelly, Ms Marino, Mr Scott, Mr K. J. Thomson, Ms Vamvakinou .

CLIMATE CHANGE, ENVIRONMENT AND THE ARTS : Mr Zappia ( Chair ), Dr Washer ( Deputy Chair ), Ms A. E. Burke, Ms Hall, Ms Marino, Mr K. J. Thomson, Wyatt Roy.

Current inquiry:

National Radioactive Waste Management Bill 2010 .

ECONOMICS: Mr C. R. Thomson ( Chair ), Mr Ciobo ( Deputy Chair ), Mr Buchholz, Mr S. P. Jones, Dr Leigh, Ms O'Dwyer, Ms Owens.

Current inquiries:

I ndigenous economic development in Queensland.

Review of the Reserve Bank of Australia Annual Report 2010.

Wild Rivers (Environmental Management) Bill 2010.

EDUCATION AND EMPLOYMENT: Ms Rishworth ( Chair ), Mr Ramsey ( Deputy Chair ), Mrs K. L. Andrews, Mrs D'Ath, Ms O'Neill, Mr Symon, Mr Tudge.

HEALTH AND AGEING : Mr Georganas ( Chair ), Mr Irons ( Deputy Chair ), Mr Coulton, Ms Hall, Mr Lyons, Ms O'Neill, Mr Wyatt.

HOUSE: The Speaker, Mr Entsch, Mr Fitzgibbon, Ms Hall, Mr Hayes, Mr E. T. Jones, Mr McCormack.

INFRASTRUCTURE AND COMMUNICATIONS: Ms Bird ( Chair ), Mr Neville ( Deputy Chair ), Mr Fletcher, Mr Husic, Mr S. P. Jones, Mr Oakeshott, Mrs Prentice, Mr Symon.

PETITIONS: Mr Murphy ( Chair ), Dr Jensen ( Deputy Chair ), Mr Adams, Mr Broadbent, Ms A. E. Burke, Mr Byrne, Mr Chester, Ms Saffin, Mr Symon, Mr van Manen .

PROCEDURE: Ms Owens ( Chair ), Mr Broadbent ( Deputy Chair ), Ms Bird, Mr Fitzgibbon, Mr Irons, Mr E. T. Jones, Mr Sidebottom .

Current inquiries:

P rocedural changes implemented in the 43 rd Parliament.

Maintenance of the standing and sessional orders.

PRIVILEGES AND MEMBERS’ INTERESTS: Ms A. E. Burke ( Chair ), Mr Secker ( Deputy Chair ), Mr Alexander, Mr Cheeseman, Mr Fitzgibbon (nominee of the Leader of the House), Mr Lyons, Mr Randall, Ms Rowland, Mr Somlyay ( nominee of the Deputy Leader of the Opposition ), Mr Symon, Mr Windsor.

PUBLICATIONS: Mr Hayes ( Chair ), Mr Vasta ( Deputy Chair ), Mr Irons, Dr Leigh, Mr Mitchell, Mr O'Dowd.

REGIONAL AUSTRALIA: Mr Windsor ( Chair ), Mr Sidebottom ( Deputy Chair ), Ms Livermore, Mr McCormack, Mr Mitchell, Dr Stone, Mr Tehan, Mr C. R. Thomson. (Mr Gibbons, Ms Ley, Mr Secker and Mr Zappia to be supplementary members for the purpose of the inquiry into the socio-economic impact of the proposed Murray-Darling Basin plan.)

Current inquiry:

Socio-economic impact of the proposed Murray -Darling Basin plan.

SELECTION: The Speaker ( Chair ), Mr Bandt, Mr Coulton, Mr Entsch, Mr Fitzgibbon, Ms Hall, Mr Hayes, Ms Marino, Mr Oakeshott, Ms Saffin, Mr Secker.

SOCIAL POLICY AND LEGAL AFFAIRS: Mr Perrett ( Chair ), Mrs Moylan ( Deputy Chair ), Mr Neumann, Ms Rowland, Ms Smyth, Dr Stone, Mr Vasta .

Joint Select

CYBER-SAFETY ( Formed 30 September 2010 ): Senator Wortley ( Chair ), Mr Hawke ( Deputy Chair ), Mr Fletcher, Mr Husic, Mr Perrett, Ms Rishworth, Mr Zappia, Senator Barnett, Senator Bushby, Senator Ludlam, Senator Pratt. ( To report by 30 April 2012. )

GAMBLING (Formed 30 September 2010): Mr Wilkie ( Chair ), Mr Champion ( Deputy Chair ), Mr Ciobo, Mr Frydenberg, Mr S. P. Jones, Mr Neumann, Senator Back, Senator Bilyk, Senator Crossin, Senator Xenophon ( To report by 30 June 2013 ) .

Current inquiries:

Poker Machine Harm Reduction Tax (Administration) Bill 2008.

Poker Machine (Reduced Losses—Interim Measures) Bill 2010.

Prevalence of interactive and online gambling in Australia.

Joint Statutory

AUSTRALIAN COMMISSION FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT INTEGRITY: Mr Hayes, Mr Matheson, Ms Parke, Mr Simpkins, Mr Zappia, Senator Cameron, Senator Fielding, Senator Macdonald, Senator Marshall, Senator Parry.

AUSTRALIAN CRIME COMMISSION: Senator Hutchins (C hair ), Senator Mason ( Deputy Chair ), Ms Grierson, Mr Hayes, Mr Keenan, Mr Matheson, Ms Vamvakinou, Senator Fielding, Senator Parry, Senator Polley.

BROADCASTING OF PARLIAMENTARY PROCEEDINGS: The Speaker, The President, Mr Coulton, Mr Hayes, Mr Murphy, Wyatt Roy, Ms Vamvakinou, Senator C. Brown, Senator Parry.

CORPORATIONS AND FINANCIAL SERVICES: Mr Fletcher, Mr Griffin, Mr Ripoll, Mr A. D. H. Smith, Ms Smyth, Senator Boyce, Senator Cormann, Senator Hurley, Senator Stephens.

INTELLIGENCE AND SECURITY: Mr Byrne, Mr Danby, Mr Melham, Mr Ruddock, Mr Wilkie, Senator Faulkner, Senator Forshaw, Senator McGauran, Senator Trood.

PUBLIC ACCOUNTS AND AUDIT: Mr Oakeshott ( Chair ), Mrs D'Ath ( Deputy Chair ), Mr Adams, Mr Briggs, Ms Brodtmann, Mr Cheeseman, Mr Frydenberg, Ms O'Neill, Ms Smyth, Mr Somlyay, Senator Barnett, Senator Bishop, Senator Hurley, Senator Kroger, Senator Sterle.

Current inquiries :

Review of Auditor-General’s reports.

The Auditor-General Act 1997 .

The role of the Auditor-General in scrutinising government advertising campaigns.

PUBLIC WORKS: Ms Saffin ( Chair ), Senator Troeth ( Deputy Chair ), Mrs K. L. Andrews, Mr Forrest, Mr Georganas, Mr Ripoll, Mr Turnbull, Senator Forshaw, Senator Marshall.

Curr ent inquiries:

Adelaide, SA—Integrated fit-out of new leased premises for the Australian Taxation Office at 12-26 Franklin St.

Barton, ACT—Proposed fit-out of new leased premises for the Attorney-General’s Department at 4 National Circuit.

Mosman and Clare ville, NSW—HMAS Penguin and Pittwater Annexe redevelopment.

North Ryde, NSW—Proposed fit out of new leased premises for divisions of the Department of Innovation, Industry, Science and Research at buildings 2 and 3, Precinct Corporate Centre, 105 Delhi Road, Riverside Corporate Park.

Port Adelaide, SA—Proposed development and construction of housing for the Department of Defence at Largs North (Bayriver).

Joint Standing

ELECTORAL MATTERS: Mr Melham ( Chair ), Mr Somlyay ( Deputy Chair ), Mrs B. K. Bishop, Mr Griffin, Ms Rishworth, Senator Birmingham, Senator C. Brown, Senator R. Brown, Senator Polley, Senator Ryan.

FOREIGN AFFAIRS, DEFENCE AND TRADE: Senator Forshaw ( Chair ), Mrs Gash ( Deputy Chair ), Ms J. Bishop, Ms Brodtmann, Mr Byrne, Mr Champion, Mr Danby, Mr L. D. T. Ferguson, Mr Fitzgibbon, Mr Georganas, Mr Gibbons, Mr Griffin, Dr Jensen, Mrs Mirabella, Mr Murphy, Mr O'Dowd, Ms Parke, Mr Robert, Mr Ruddock, Ms Saffin, Mr Scott, Dr Stone, Ms Vamvakinou, Senator Bishop, Senator Faulkner, Senator Ferguson, Senator Furner, Senator Hanson-Young, Senator Johnston, Senator Ludlam, Senator Macdonald, Senator Moore, Senator Payne, Senator Trood.

MIGRATION: Ms Vamvakinou ( Chair ), Mrs Markus ( Deputy Chair ), Mrs D'Ath, Ms Gambaro, Mr Ramsey, Mr Zappia, Senator Bilyk, Senator Boyce, Senator Hanson-Young, Senator McEwen.

NATIONAL CAPITAL AND EXTERNAL TERRITORIES: Senator Pratt ( Chair ), Mr Simpkins ( Deputy Chair ), Mr Adams, Ms Brodtmann, Dr Leigh, Mr Secker, Senator Adams, Senator Crossin, Senator Fielding, Senator Humphries.

PARLIAMENTARY LIBRARY: Mr Adams ( Chair ), Senator Trood ( Chair ), Mr Broadbent, Mr Champion, Mr Christensen, Mr Melham, Mr C. R. Thomson, Senator Barnett, Senator Bilyk, Senator Cameron, Senator Fielding, Senator Hutchins .

TREATIES: Mr K. J. Thomson ( Chair ), Ms Bird, Mr Briggs, Mr Forrest, Ms Grierson, Ms Livermore, Ms Parke, Ms Rowland, Dr Stone, Senator Birmingham, Senator Cash, Senator Ludlam, Senator McGauran, Senator O'Brien, Senator Pratt, Senator Wortley.

Current inquiries:

Treaties tabled 28 October 2 010 (V&P, 28 October 2010, page 164).

Treaties tabled 16 November 2010 (V&P, 15, 16, 21, 22, 24 June 2010, pages 1844, 1858, 1874, 1886, 1910).



ADVISORY COUNCIL ON AUSTRALIAN ARCHIVES: Mr Somlyay ( appointed 13 May 2008, for a period of 3 years ).

COUNCIL OF THE NATIONAL LIBRARY OF AUSTRALIA: Mr Melham (elected 13 May 2008, for a period of 3 years).

PARLIAMENTARY RETIRING ALLOWANCES TRUST: Mr Fitzgibbon (appointed 19 October 2010) and Mr Somlyay (appointed 13 February 2008).



By Authority of the House of Representatives