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16 June 2 010

* 1401  MR BALDWIN: To ask the Minister for Defence Material and Science—

(1) In respect of the modification of HMAS Success , on what date did Defence issue: (a) an Invitation to Register, and how many registrations were received; and (b) the Request for Tender, and (i) on what date did applications close, (ii) how many companies responded, and of those, how many were going to undertake the work in Australia, and overseas, and where.

(2) Has Defence produced a shortlist of companies that responded to the Request for Tender; if so, when; and which companies were shortlisted.

(3) Which shortlisted companies were going to undertake the work (a) in Australia, and where; and (b) overseas, and where.

(4) Is Defence still considering contracting an offshore ship repairer for the modification of HMAS  Success .

(5) What is the current status of the tendering process, and when is a final decision on the tender to modify HMAS  Success going to be made.

* 1402  MR BALDWIN: To ask the Minister representing the Minister for Defence—

(1) A t the Al Minhad Air Base in Dubai: (a) how many vehicles are operated by the Government, and of these, by Defence; (b) what are the makes and types of all of these vehicles; and (c) for what purposes are these vehicles used.

(2) How many of these vehicles are (a) owned, or (b) leased.

(3) In respect of the leasing of vehicles, (a) what per (i) month, and (ii) vehicle, costs are incurred, (b) which company provides the contract(s), and (c) when will the contract(s) expire.

* 1403  MR ROBERT: To ask the Minister Assisting the Minister for Climate Change and Energy Efficiency—What compensation is available to homeowners who have paid the difference between the cost of foil insulation and the Government rebate, only to have the insulation removed because it was unsafe.

* 1404  DR JENSEN: To ask the Minister representing the Minister for Innovation, Industry and Science—Why has there been a delay in Australia becoming a participant in ITER’s magnetic confinement fusion project, and what is the status of the Minister’s negotiation with ITER on this matter.




Clerk of the House of Representatives