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15 March 2010

1308  MR FLETCHER: To ask the Minister representing the Minister for Climate Change and Energy Efficiency—In respect of the following people, (a) Louise Helen Hand, (b) David Fredericks, (c) Philip Green OAM, (d) Andrew Charlton, (e) Lachlan Harris, (f) Scott Dewar, (g) Clare Penrose, (h) Fiona Sugden, (i) Lisa French, (j) Tarah Barzanji, (k) Kate Shaw, (l) Gaile Barnes, (m) Gordon de Brouwer, (n) Patrick Suckling, (o) Rebecca Christie, (p) Michael Jones, (q) Stephan Rudzki, (r) David Bell, (s) Kym Baillie, (t) David Champion, (u) Matt Jebb, (v) Craig Kendall, (w) Squadron Leader Ian Lane, (x) John Olenich, (y) Kristina Hickey (z) Martin Parkinson, (aa) Howard Bamsey, (ab) Robert Owen-Jones, (ac) Clare Walsh, (ad) Jenny Elizabeth Wilkinson, (ae) Elizabeth Peak, (af) Kristin Tilley, (ag) Andrew Ure, (ah) Annemarie Watt, (ai) Kushla Munro, (aj) Kathleen Annette Rowley, (ak) Anitra Cowan, (al) Sally Truong, (am) Jane Wilkinson, (an) Tracey Mackay, (ao) Laura Brown, (ap) Tracey-Anne Leahey, (aq) Nicola Loffler, (ar) Tamara Curll, (as) Jessica Allen, (at) Sanjiva de Silva, (au) Gaia Puleston, (av) Penelope Morton, (aw) Claire Elizabeth Watt, (ax) Amanda Walker, (ay) Alan David Lee, (az) Erika Kate Oord, (ba) Jahda Kirian Swanborough, (bb) H.E. Sharyn Minahan, (bc) Julia Feeney, (bd) Chester Geoffrey Cunningham, (be) Rachael Cooper, (bf) Rachael Grivas, (bg) Moya Collett, (bh) Rob Law, (bi) Robin Davies, (bj) Deborah Fulton, (bk) Katherine Vaughn, (bl) Brian Dawson, (bm) Andrew Leigh Clarke, (bn) Bruce Wilson, (bo) Jill McCarthy, (bp) Simon French, (bq) Ian Michael Ruscoe, (br) David Walland, (bs) Damien Dunn, (bt) Helen Hawka Fuhrman, (bu) Scott Vivian Davenport, (bv) Graham Julian Levitt, (bw) Kate Jennifer Jones, (bx) Michael William Dart, (by) Matthew Anthony Jamie Skoien, (bz) Michael David Rann, (ca) Suzanne Kay Harter, (cb) Paul David Flanagan, (cc) Timothy O’Loughlin, (cd) Nyla Sarwar, (ce) Gavin Jennings, (cf) Sarah Broadbent, (cg) Rebecca Falkingham, (ch) Simon Camroux, (ci) Geoff Lake, (cj) Sridhar Ayyalaraju, (ck) Tegan Brink, (cl) Melissa Eu Suan Goh, (cm) Lauren Henschke, (cn) Maree Fay, (co) Patricia McKinnon, (cp) Eugene Olim, (cq) Belinda Lee Adams, (cr) Jacqui Ashworth, (cs) Patricia Smith, (ct) Martin Bo Jensen, (cu) Mauro Kolobaric, (cv) Susan Flanagan, (cw) Stephen Kanaridis, (cx) George Reid, (cy) Ashley Wright, (cz) Jodie Littlewood, (da) Thomas Millhouse, (db) Timothy Whittley, (dc) Julia Thomson, (dd) Donald Frater, (de) Jacqui Smith, (df) Greg French, and (dg) Jeremy Hillman, were any of them a member of Australia’s delegation to the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen in December 2009, if so, for each person that was:

(1) In what department or organisation were they employed in December 2009, in what position, and for what length of time had they been employed in this position.

(2) Were they an Australian Government employee in December 2009, if so, when were they first employed by the Australian Government.

(3) What was their specific area of expertise or professional responsibility in December 2009, what role were they assigned to perform at the Conference, and how were they selected.

(4) What written objectives or deliverables were they to achieve at the Conference; if none were provided, why and what was the purpose of their involvement.

(5) What scheduled appointments or meetings did they have each day they attended the Conference.

(6) Did they meet with or brief the Minister or Prime Minister on any occasion(s) at the Conference; if so, (a) on what date(s); (b) for what length of time; and (c) regarding what subject matter.

(7) Did they prepare a written report on their activities at the Conference; if so, will the Minister provide it.