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26 May 2015

  *800    Ms McGowan : To ask the Minister for Foreign Affairs—In respect of the incarceration and execution of Mr Andrew Chan and Mr Myuran Sukumaran in Indonesia between 17 April 2005 and 11 May 2015, what sum did the Australian Government (a) provide for their legal representation, court and appeal costs, if any, (b) provide to their families for travel expenses, accommodation, repatriation and any other associated expenses, if any, and (c) spend on providing embassy support to the two men and their families.

  *801    Ms McGowan : To ask the Minister for Health—In respect of ensuring access to podiatric surgeons for rural and regional Australians, when will patients and podiatric surgeons have access to Medicare Benefits Schedule item numbers for surgical treatment of the foot and ankle.

  *802    Ms Ryan : To ask the Minister for Communications—In respect of National Broadband Network (NBN) coverage in the electoral division of Lalor, (a) what is the timetable for full coverage, and (b) why are large areas that were previously indicated in the rollout maps as being in the planning stages, no longer included, and (i) what provision of service will be made for these omitted areas, and (ii) in the interim, will the newly built estates currently relying on expensive wireless access with no copper or fibre be given some form of fixed internet access.






                                                                                    D. R. Elder

                                                                                            Clerk of the House of Representatives