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8       Petitions

The following 2 petitions, lodged with the Clerk by the senators indicated, were received:

Senator Moore, from 1 petitioner, requesting that the Senate support the inclusion of an individual in any discussions between the Commonwealth and other parties concerning redress for victims of institutional child sexual abuse.

Senator Marshall, from 88 petitioners, requesting that the Senate support an application for a decision by the Minister for Immigration and Border Protection under section 417 of the Migration Act 1958 in relation to Ms Ping Hu.




Documents : Senator Rhiannon, by leave, tabled the following documents:

Environment—Nuclear waste dump—Proposed site—Petitioning documents [2] from 176 and 3 331 signatories respectively, requesting that the Senate support the removal of Sallys Flat, Hill End from consideration as a location for a national radioactive waste management site.