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19    Trade—China—Tariffs on Coal

Senator Canavan, pursuant to notice of motion not objected to as a formal motion, moved general business notice of motion no. 877—That the Senate notes that:

    (a)   Australia’s export of coal to China is worth approximately $9.3 billion per year;

    (b)   China currently imposes a tariff of 3 per cent on these coking coal exports and a 6 per cent tariff on thermal coal exports;

     (c)   the signing of the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement will eliminate the 3 per cent coking coal tariff immediately, and the 6 per cent tariff on thermal coal within 2 years;

    (d)   the elimination of these tariffs will save Australia’s coal industry around $380 million per year leading to more jobs for Australians in an industry which already directly employs 54 000 people; and

     (e)   the displacement of poorer quality coal from other countries with Australian coal will reduce global emissions significantly.

Question put and passed.