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29    Law and Justice—Data Retention—Data Breach Notification Laws

Senator Ludlam amended general business notice of motion no. 1000 by leave and, pursuant to notice of motion not objected to as a formal motion, moved—That the Senate—

    (a)   notes that:

                  (i)   the Senate had begun debate on mandatory data breach notification legislation prior to the 2013 election,

                 (ii)   the Attorney-General (Senator Brandis) committed to introduce data breach notification laws before the end of 2015 during the debate over the national data retention scheme,

                (iii)   the Attorney-General again committed to introduce such laws to the Parliament before the end of 2015 in an answer to a question without notice on 13 October 2015, and

                (iv)   contrary to these commitments, the bill has not been introduced; and

    (b)   calls on the Government to make a statement to the Senate on 3 February 2016 explaining why such legislation has not been introduced, and clarifying the Government’s intentions.

Statements by leave : Senator Ludlam and the Assistant Cabinet Secretary (Senator Ryan), by leave, made statements relating to the motion.

Question put and passed.