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12    Regional Australia—Wet Tropics—Yellow Crazy Ants

Senator Macdonald, pursuant to notice of motion not objected to as a formal motion, moved general business notice of motion no. 874—That the Senate—

    (a)   notes:

                  (i)   the super colony hazards of yellow crazy ants in the Wet Tropics, which is distinctly different to the presence of yellow crazy ants in other areas of Queensland, and

                 (ii)   with concern the damage to the natural ecology, to agriculture and to human beings from the yellow crazy ants caused by the formation of super colonies in the Wet Tropics region;

    (b)   acknowledges the work being done by the Wet Tropics Management Authority, the Cairns Regional Council, the Commonwealth Government’s Green Army and individual landowners and volunteers who are to date achieving strong results in containing and locally eradicating the infestation;

     (c)   calls on the relevant local and Queensland governments to at least match Commonwealth funding to fight the infestation; and

    (d)   urges the Federal and state governments to commit to eradication of the yellow crazy ants in the Wet Tropics.

Senator Waters, by leave, moved the following amendment:

At the end of the motion, add:

     (e)   calls upon the Queensland and Commonwealth governments to consider the Wet Tropics Management Authority’s funding for a targeted eradication program in the Wet Tropics.

Question—That the amendment be agreed to—put and passed.

Main question, as amended, put and passed.