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28    Environment—Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area—Impact of Fires

Senator McKim, also on behalf of Senator Singh, amended general business notice of motion no. 1023 by leave and, pursuant to notice of motion not objected to as a formal motion, moved—That the Senate—

    (a)   acknowledges the impact of recent fires on the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area (TWWHA);

    (b)   notes that:

                  (i)   over 22 000 hectares inside the TWWHA has already been burned, and that many fires are still burning inside the TWWHA,

                 (ii)   the Commonwealth Government is a signatory to the World Heritage Convention, which binds it to responsibly manage the TWWHA, and

                (iii)   scientists are predicting that it is likely that the TWWHA will experience hotter, drier conditions, and more dry lightning, in the future due to the impacts of global warming; and

     (c)   calls on the Australian Government to work with the Tasmanian Government to establish and adequately resource an independent inquiry to examine the response to the current fires in the TWWHA, and the planning for, management of, and response to future fire events in the TWWHA, to seek submissions and hold public hearings, and to examine, report and make recommendations on relevant matters, including:

                  (i)   the impact of global warming on fire frequency and magnitude,

                 (ii)   the availability and provision of financial, human and mechanical resources,

                (iii)   the adequacy of fire assessment and modelling capacity, and

                (iv)   any other related matters deemed necessary by the inquiry.

Question put and passed.