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16    Primary Industries—Farm Safety and Biosecurity

Senator Canavan, also on behalf of Senators McKenzie and Williams, amended general business notice of motion no. 965 by leave and, pursuant to notice of motion not objected to as a formal motion, moved—That the Senate notes that:

    (a)   agriculture, fisheries and forestry is one of the biggest employers in rural and regional communities, employing more than 300 000 people;

    (b)   Australia’s 135 000 farmers provide 93 per cent of the domestic food supply, and support an export market valued at A$43.5 billion in 2014-15;

     (c)   Australia’s stringent biosecurity system and best practice farm safety standards underpin our agricultural export strength and our reputation as a producer of some of the highest quality produce in the world; and

    (d)   acts of illegal activism, that include ignoring a farmer’s right to say no to property invasions, which could lead to the potential spread of disease and/or pests which could jeopardise Australia’s hard-won reputation for agricultural excellence, placing in danger the safety of activists, farmers and their families and the health of animals and crops.

Question put and passed. All Australian Greens senators, by leave, recorded their votes for the noes.