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42    Documents

The following documents were tabled by the Clerk pursuant to statute:

[ Legislative instruments are identified by a Federal Register of Legislation (FRL) number. An explanatory statement is tabled with an instrument unless otherwise indicated by an asterisk. ]

Agricultural and Veterinary Chemicals Code Act 1994 —Agricultural and Veterinary Chemicals Code Instrument No. 4 (MRL Standard) Amendment Instrument 2016 (No. 6) [F2016L00633].

Corporations Act 2001 —ASIC Corporations (Amendment) Instrument 2016/364 [F2016L00631].

Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 —Section 269A - Instrument Revoking and Making Recovery Plans (Regent Honeyeater (Anthochaera phrygia)) (14 April 2016) [F2016L00635].

Export Control Act 1982 —Export Control (High Quality Beef Export to the European Union Tariff Rate Quotas) Order 2016 [F2016L00624].

Fisheries Management Act 1991

Fisheries Management Plans Amendment 2016 [F2016L00627].

Southern and Eastern Scalefish and Shark Fishery Management Plan Amendment 2016 [F2016L00623].

Judiciary Act 1903 —Legal Services Amendment (Solicitor-General Opinions) Direction 2016 [F2016L00645].

Migration Act 1958 —Migration Regulations 1994—

Arrangements for Student Visa Applications 2016/017—IMMI 16/017 [F2016L00630].

Categories of Visas That Preclude a Person From Lodging a Student Visa Application in Australia 2016/016—IMMI 16/016 [F2016L00638].

Class of Persons 2016/015—IMMI 16/015 [F2016L00628].

English Language Tests and Evidence Exemptions for Subclass 500 (Student) Visas 2016/019—IMMI 16/019 [F2016L00629].

Evidence of Financial Capacity for Subclass 500 (Student) Visas and Subclass 590 (Student Guardian) Visas 2016/018—IMMI 16/018 [F2016L00639].

Payment of Visa Application Charges and Fees in Foreign Currencies 2016/035 (Conversion Instrument)—IMMI 16/035 [F2016L00632].

Places and Currencies for Paying of Fees 2016/036 (Places and Currencies Instrument)—IMMI 16/036 [F2016L00626].

Visas Attracting a Subsequent Temporary Application Charge 2016/012—IMMI 16/012 [F2016L00625].

Norfolk Island Legislation Amendment Act 2015 —Norfolk Island Legislation Amendment Act Transitional Rule (Approved Pharmacists) 2016 [F2016L00614].

Quarantine Act 1908 —Quarantine Service Fees Repeal Determination 2016 [F2016L00637].

Radiocommunications Act 1992 —Radiocommunications (Low Interference Potential Devices) Class Licence Variation 2016 (No. 1) [F2016L00636].

Telecommunications Act 1997 —Telecommunications (International Mobile Roaming) Industry Standard Variation 2016 (No. 1) [F2016L00634].