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24    Culture and the Arts—New South Wales—Bondi Pavilion

Senator Rhiannon, also on behalf of Senator Dastyari, pursuant to notice of motion not objected to as a formal motion, moved general business notice of motion no. 1177—That the Senate—

    (a)   notes that:

                  (i)   Waverley Council, the area of which is contained in the seat of Wentworth, has agreed to a $38 million redevelopment of Bondi Pavilion,

                 (ii)   on 30 April 2016, at a special Waverley Council meeting attended by 300 people, Ms Sally Betts, the Mayor of Waverley Council and electorate officer for the Member for Wentworth (Mr Turnbull), used her casting vote to pass the redevelopment plan,

                (iii)   there is growing community concern that the Waverley Council redevelopment plans would reduce the current community-to-commercial use ratio and result in the Bondi Pavilion being privatised by stealth,

                (iv)   in response to these concerns, Waverley Council has published misleading figures for proposed community floor space which appear to include outdoor areas as a replacement for current community rooms,

                 (v)   the original budget for restoration of the Bondi Pavilion was estimated by Waverley Council in early 2015 to be $9 million, and that the cost blowout to a currently estimated $38 million is primarily the result of the proposed changes to the building’s structure in the redevelopment plan, and

                (vi)   Mr Turnbull, in July 2007, with former Prime Minister, Mr Whitlam, and his wife Margaret, attended the celebration of a third of a century of the Bondi Pavilion community and cultural centre;

    (b)   calls on the Prime Minister (Mr Turnbull) to publicly support Bondi Pavilion being retained as a community and cultural centre; and

     (c)   calls on the Turnbull Government to ensure any financial assistance:

                  (i)   is limited to assisting with restoration of the Bondi Pavilion that maintains the current community-to-commercial space ratio, and

                 (ii)   is conditional upon the Bondi Pavilion’s first floor being retained for community and theatre use, and the discontinuation of upgrade plans that turn this area into a restaurant and bar or function centre precinct.

Statements by leave : The Minister for Vocational Education and Skills (Senator Ryan) and Senator Rhiannon, by leave, made statements relating to the motion.

Question put and passed.