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The Chair of the Community Affairs Legislation Committee (Senator Moore): To move on the next day of sitting—That the Community Affairs Legislation Committee be authorised to hold private meetings otherwise than in accordance with standing order 33(1) during the sittings of the Senate, as follows:

 (a) on Monday, 26 November 2012, from 4.15 pm ; and

   (b) on Thursday, 29 November 2012, from 4.30 pm. (general business notice of motion no. 1058 )

Senator Bilyk: To move on the next day of sitting—That the Senate—

 (a) urges the Australian people to remember those who perished and suffered as a result of the Ukrainian Famine 1932-33 (Holodomor), as a reminder that we should always respect the freedoms bestowed upon us; and

 (b) joins with the Ukrainian World Congress and the Australian Federation of Ukrainian Organisations in calling on Australians to acknowledge the International Day of Remembrance on the last Saturday of November, gazetted by the Ukrainian Government in respect of those who suffered and perished in the great famine of 1932-33. (general business notice of motion no. 1059)

Senator Hanson-Young: To move on the next day of sitting—That the Senate—

 (a) notes:

  (i) that it is not illegal to arrive in Australia to seek asylum, and

  (ii) previous attempts by the Australian Greens to have the use of the term `illegal' in reference to asylum seekers ruled as out of order in Senate debate; and

 (b) calls on parliamentarians to refrain from using the misleading and inaccurate term `illegal' when referring to asylum seekers. (general business notice of motion no. 1060)