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The Chair of the Legal and Constitutional Affairs Legislation Committee (Senator Crossin): To move on the next day of sitting—That the Legal and Constitutional Affairs Legislation Committee be authorised to hold a public meeting during the sitting of the Senate on Tuesday, 21 August 2012, from 4.30 pm, to take evidence for the committee's inquiry into the provisions of the Privacy Amendment (Enhancing Privacy Protection) Bill 2012. (general business notice of motion no. 844)

The Chair of the Community Affairs References Committee (Senator Siewert): To move on the next day of sitting—That the Community Affairs References Committee be authorised to hold a private meeting otherwise than in accordance with standing order 33(1) during the sitting of the Senate on Thursday, 16 August 2012, from 4 pm. (general business notice of motion no. 845)

Senators Ludlam and Whish-Wilson: To move on the next day of sitting—That the Senate—

 (a) notes:

  (i) negotiation of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) between the United States of America, Canada, Mexico, Chile, Peru, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, Brunei and New Zealand is being conducted in secret,

  (ii) draft texts of the agreement are selectively aired to AT&T, Verizon, Cisco, the Motion Picture Association and other industry lobbyists, but blocked from democratically-elected parliamentarians, advocacy organisations and citizens,

  (iii) concern expressed by experts and citizens from countries participating in negotiating the TPPA regarding its potential impact on access to medicines, local content media rules, high-tech innovation and limitations placed on governments to make policies and regulations on health, safety and economic stability, and

  (iv) reports of the latest text of the intellectual property chapter being leaked, revealing the Australian Government's intention to defeat a proposed clause protecting domestic intellectual property laws; and

 (b) calls on the Government to:

  (i) make the full TPPA draft texts and negotiations available to the public,

  (ii) support the proposal of New Zealand, Chile, Malaysia, Brunei and Vietnam to permit a signatory to carry forward and appropriately extend into the digital environment limitations and exceptions in its domestic laws,

  (iii) reject trade agreements that put the civil liberties, environment, public health and welfare of Australians at risk, and

  (iv) commit to ending the exclusionary and undemocratic process of selectively including stakeholders in trade negotiations while blocking others, by making all trade negotiations public. (general business notice of motion no. 846)

Senators Boyce, Colbeck, Macdonald and Boswell: To move on the next day of sitting—That the Senate—

 (a) notes that:

  (i) the Gillard Government proposes to seriously damage Australia's fishing industry and harm Australia's tourism industry by establishing the world's largest marine reserve without any scientific foundation,

  (ii) the Gillard Government proposes to make the Coral Sea a no-go zone to Australians, but other countries, whose fishing practices are not as sustainable as Australia's, will still be able to fish in the Coral Sea,

  (iii) Australians will be deprived of a vital food source from the Coral Sea, which covers more than 989 842 square kilometres, more than half the size of Queensland,

  (iv) almost 78 per cent of east coast Queensland waters will be in marine parks, almost 8 times the international benchmark,

  (v) Australia's oceans are amongst the healthiest and best managed in the world due in large part to the sustainable practices of our fishers,

  (vi) scientists have agreed that fishing is not putting the Coral Sea at risk and that Green groups have also acknowledged this, and

  (vii) the proposed network has nothing to do with science but everything to do with appeasing the Australian Greens politically, who keep the Labor Government in power; and

 (b) calls on the Australian Government to:

  (i) halt the current process of expanding marine parks to ensure that any future marine parks are based on objective scientific research and stakeholder input, and

  (ii) undertake a risk assessment of the threats to Australia's marine environment from existing and future uses to assess the need for the proposed marine parks. (general business notice of motion no. 847)

Senator Whish-Wilson: To move on the next day of sitting—That the Senate—

 (a) notes, in regard to the introduction of the factory ship FV Margiris to the Australian Small Pelagic Fishery, the range of significant and justifiable concerns, including but not limited to:

  (i) the localised depletion of fish stocks,

  (ii) mammalian by-catch, including seals and dolphins,

  (iii) impacts on other industries, including tourism,

  (iv) the assertion that this super trawler is only economically viable because it previously received European Union subsidies and the Australian Fisheries Management Authority (AFMA) has lifted the fishery quotas,

  (v) public access, transparency and scrutiny of any operational compliance data, and

  (vi) the non-compliance of AFMA quota-setting processes with the Fisheries Administration Act 1991 (the Act); and

 (b) calls on the Government to:

  (i) reverse the decision to lift the quota for the Small Pelagic Fishery and examine the compliance of the AFMA-led process that led to this decision with the Act,

  (ii) demonstrate that it has fully examined and mitigated the impacts of localised depletion that the FV Margiris will have and ensure that a bioregional approach has been taken in setting the harvest strategy under which this ship would operate, and

  (iii) demonstrate that 100 per cent observer coverage will be achieved on-board to ensure compliance and minimal by-catch, given that the ship will operate 24 hours a day, and ensure all compliance data will be publically available. (general business notice of motion no. 848)

Senators Ronaldson and Johnston: To move on the next day of sitting—That the Senate—

 (a) commemorates the 50th anniversary, in 2012, of the arrival of the Australian Army Training Team Vietnam in South Vietnam, beginning Australia's decade-long commitment to the Vietnam War;

 (b) commemorates the 46th anniversary, on 18 August 2012, of the Battle of Long Tan, in which 18 Australian soldiers were killed and 24 were wounded in action;

 (c) pays tribute to the 521 Australians killed in action in the Vietnam War and the thousands of veterans who returned home to the care of their families;

 (d) acknowledges that many Vietnam War service personnel were very poorly treated by certain sections of the Australian community on their return, and that this treatment was unjust and, in many cases, affected their ability to resume life after wartime service; and

 (e) welcomes the arrival in Australia of the Long Tan Cross, which will be displayed at the Australian War Memorial until April 2013. (general business notice of motion no. 849)

Senator Xenophon: To move on the next day of sitting—That the following bill be introduced: A Bill for an Act to amend the Fair Work Act 2009, and for related purposes. Fair Work Amendment (Small Business—Penalty Rates Exemption) Bill 2012. (general business notice of motion no. 850)

Senator Waters: To move on the next day of sitting—That there be laid on the table, by the Minister representing the Minister for Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities, no later than 11 September 2012, the following:

 (a) documents relating to all current conditions for the operation, use, maintenance and monitoring of each current sea dumping permit issued by the Authority in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park (GBRMP);

 (b) any document that details all current sea dumping sites in the GBRMP and Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area, including coordinates and size of the dumping area;

 (c) all documents relating to the consideration or analysis of land-based disposal alternatives for each current sea dumping permit issued by the Authority in the GBRMP, including the initial consideration/analysis plus any subsequent analysis in light of additional or changed dumping requirements or new or changed information;

 (d) all documents that provide a long-term analysis of the impacts of the dumping, including direct, indirect, distal and cumulative impacts for each current sea dumping permit issued by the Authority in the GBRMP; and

 (e) any documents relating to breaches of conditions and responses to those breaches, including compliance measures, such as remediation, changed conditions, fines or litigation, for each current sea dumping permit issued by the Authority in the GBRMP. (general business notice of motion no. 851)

Senator Mason: To move on the next day of sitting—That the Senate—

 (a) notes the 4th anniversary of the death of Alexander Solzhenitsyn, the most influential Russian writer and dissident of the 20th century, who:

  (i) was imprisoned, denied medical treatment and finally exiled from the Soviet Union for daring to expose the truth about the horrors of communism,

  (ii) struggling against great obstacles managed to write and eventually publish The Gulag Archipelago, a classic of anti-totalitarian literature that drew the world's attention to the atrocities committed by the Soviet Union against its own people,

  (iii) after his deportation from the Soviet Union in 1974, continued to remind the world about the importance of rights and liberties enjoyed in the West but denied to the citizens of the Soviet Union and other communist states, and

  (iv) received the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1970, as well as numerous other prizes and awards for his contribution to literature, and the fight for freedom and against tyranny and oppression; and

 (b) conveys its remembrances to the people of Russia. (general business notice of motion no. 852)