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Senator Ludlam, at the request of the Leader of the Australian Greens (Senator Milne) and pursuant to notice of motion not objected to as a formal motion, moved business of the Senate notice of motion no. 1—That the following matters be referred to the Education, Employment and Workplace Relations References Committee for inquiry and report by 1 November 2012:

 (a) the adequacy of the allowance payment system for jobseekers and others, with particular reference to the adequacy of the Newstart Allowance payment as an income support payment for jobseekers and the adequacy of all other allowance payments that support a range of recipients who study or provide care;

 (b) the appropriateness of the allowance payment system as a support into work, with particular reference to:

  (i) the effectiveness of the payment as an incentive into work,

  (ii) the effectiveness of the allowance payment system in facilitating transitions between working and other activities, such as studying, caring and retirement, or in the event of illness or disability, and in helping or hindering recipients to overcome barriers to employment, and

  (iii) the impact of the differences between pensions and allowances on the transition between working and other activities; and

 (c) the impact of the changing nature of the labour market, particularly the rise of insecure work and decline of unskilled jobs, on the:

  (i) nature and frequency of individual interaction with the allowance payment system, and

  (ii) over and underpayment of allowances to recipients.

Question put and passed.