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The President informed the Senate that he had received letters requesting changes in the membership of committees.

The Parliamentary Secretary for School Education and Workplace Relations (Senator Collins), by leave, moved—That senators be discharged from and appointed to committees as follows:

 Australian Commission for Law Enforcement Integrity—Joint Statutory Committee—

  Discharged—Senator Macdonald

  Appointed—Senator Cash

 Human Rights—Joint Statutory Committee—

  Appointed—Senators Edwards and Humphries

 Law Enforcement—Joint Statutory Committee—

  Discharged—Senator Mason

  Appointed—Senator Nash

 National Broadband Network—Joint Standing Committee—

  Discharged—Senator Stephens


   Senator Gallacher

   Participating member: Senator Stephens

 Regulations and Ordinances—Standing Committee—

  Discharged—Senator Ronaldson

  Appointed—Senator Colbeck

 Scrutiny of Bills—Standing Committee—

  Discharged—Senator Fifield

  Appointed—Senator Macdonald.

Question put and passed.

Messages from the House of Representatives were reported informing the Senate of changes in the membership of joint committees, as follows:

 Message no. 374, dated 15 March 2012—

  Parliamentary Joint Committee on Human Rights, Mr Jenkins, Ms Parke, Mr KJ Thomson, Mr Wyatt and Mr Tehan

  Joint Standing Committee on Treaties, Mr LDT Ferguson in place of Ms Bird

  Parliamentary Joint Committee on Corporations and Financial Services, Ms O'Neill in place of Mr Ripoll

  Parliamentary Standing Committee on Public Works, Ms Hall in place of Mr Ripoll

  Joint Standing Committee on the National Broadband Network, Mr Mitchell in place of Mrs D'Ath

  Joint Select Committee on Gambling Reform, Ms Brodtmann in place of Mr Champion

  Joint Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade, Mr McClelland in place of Mr Byrne.

 Message no. 375, dated 15 March 2012—Parliamentary Joint Committee on Intelligence and Security, Mr Rudd in place of Mr Melham.