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The President made a statement relating to a matter of privilege raised by Senator Kroger concerning a possible relationship between the Leader of the Australian Greens (Senator Bob Brown) and Mr Graeme Wood.

The President informed the Senate that, pursuant to the procedures provided by standing order 81 and resolutions of the Senate of 25 February 1988, he had determined that a motion relating to the matter may have precedence of all other business on the day for which the notice is given.


Document: The President tabled the following document:

 Privileges—Standing Committee—Proposed reference—Letter from Senator Kroger to the President, dated 22 November 2011 and attachments.


Notice of motion: Senator Kroger gave a notice of motion as follows: To move on the next day of sitting—That the following matter be referred to the Committee of Privileges for inquiry and report:

Having regard to matters raised by Senator Kroger relating to political donations made by Mr Graeme Wood, arrangements surrounding the sale of the Triabunna woodchip mill by Gunns Ltd and questions without notice asked by Senator Bob Brown and Senator Milne:

 (a) whether any person, by the offer or promise of an inducement or benefit, or by other improper means, attempted to influence a senator in the senator's conduct as a senator, and whether any contempt was committed in that regard; and

 (b) whether Senator Bob Brown received any benefit for himself or another person on the understanding that he would be influenced in the discharge of his duties as a senator, or whether he entered into any contract, understanding or arrangement having the effect, or possibly having the effect, of controlling or limiting his independence or freedom of action as a senator or pursuant to which he or any other senator acted as the representative of an outside body in the discharge of their duties as senators, and whether any contempt was committed in those regards.

Leave refused: Senator Bob Brown sought leave to make a statement relating to the matter.

An objection was raised and leave was not granted.