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The following documents were tabled by the Clerk:

[Legislative instruments are identified by a Federal Register of Legislative Instruments (FRLI) number. An explanatory statement is tabled with an instrument unless otherwise indicated by an asterisk.]

 Aged Care Act—Residential Care Subsidy Amendment Principles 2011 (No. 3) [F2011L01719].

 Broadcasting Services Act—

  Commercial Television Conversion Scheme Variation 2011 (No. 1) [F2011L01716].

  National Television Conversion Scheme Variation 2011 (No. 1) [F2011L01715].

 Civil Aviation Act—Civil Aviation Safety Regulations—

  Airworthiness Directives—

   AD/DHC-1/41 Amdt 1—Fuselage Rear Bulkhead Inspection/Modification [F2011L01722].

   AD/DHC-1/43 Amdt 1—Engine Primer Pipe and Fuel Tank Selector Guide - Modifications, Inspections and Replacements [F2011L01721].

   AD/DHC-1/44 Amdt 1—Mandatory Modifications, Inspections and Replacements [F2011L01723].

   AD/F100/30 Amdt 1—Flight Warning Computer Replacement [F2011L01720].

  Instrument No. CASA EX89/11—Exemption - recency requirements for night flying (Surveillance Australia Pty Ltd) [F2011L01724].

 Commonwealth Inscribed Stock Act—Direction relating to Commonwealth borrowing, dated 9 August 2011.

 Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act—Instrument making Management Plan, dated 16 March 2011 [F2011L01714].

 Migration Act—Migration (United Nations Security Council Resolutions) Regulations—Instrument IMMI 10/081—Specification of United Nations Security Council Resolutions [F2011L01718].

 Social Security Act—Disability Care Load Assessment (Child) Amendment Determination 2011 [F2011L01725].

 Telecommunications (Interception and Access) Act—Telecommunications (Interception and Access) (Emergency Service Facilities - Victoria) Instrument 2011 [F2011L01717].