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Senator Siewert amended business of the Senate notice of motion no. 1 by leave and, pursuant to notice of motion not objected to as a formal motion, moved—That the following matters be referred to the Rural Affairs and Transport References Committee for inquiry and report by 25 August 2011:

 (a) the role and effectiveness of government, Meat and Livestock Australia, Livecorp and relevant industry bodies, in improving animal welfare standards in Australia's live export markets, including:

  (i) the level, nature and effectiveness of:

   (A) expenditure and efforts to promote or improve animal welfare standards with respect to all Australian live export market countries,

   (B) expenditure and efforts on marketing and promoting live export to Australian producers,

   (C) ongoing monitoring of the subscription to, and practise of, animal welfare standards in all live export market countries, and

   (D) actions to improve animal welfare outcomes in all other live export market countries and the evidence base for these actions;

  (ii) the extent of knowledge of animal welfare practices in Australia's live export markets, including:

   (A) formal and informal monitoring and reporting structures, and

   (B) formal and informal processes for reporting and addressing poor animal welfare practices;

 (b) the domestic economic impact of the live export trade within Australia, including:

  (i) the impact on regional and remote employment especially in northern Australia,

  (ii) the impact and role of the industry on local livestock production and prices, and

  (iii) the impact on the processing of livestock within Australia; and

 (c) any other related matters.

Question put and passed.