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Pursuant to the order of the Senate of 24 June 2008, as amended, the Acting Deputy President (Senator Crossin) tabled the following documents received on the dates indicated:

 Departmental and agency appointments and vacancies—Additional estimates—Letters of advice—

  Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry portfolio. [Received 11 February 2011]

  Attorney-General's portfolio. [Received 15 February 2011]

  Australian Information Commissioner. [Received 15 February 2011]

  Australian National Audit Office. [Received 14 February 2011]

  Australian Public Service Commission. [Received 14 February 2011]

  Climate Change and Energy Efficiency portfolio. [Received 14 February 2011]

  Commonwealth Ombudsman. [Received 14 February 2011]

  Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet. [Received 18 February 2011]

  Education, Employment and Workplace Relations portfolio. [Received 16 February 2011]

  Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs portfolio. [Received 14 February 2011]

  Finance and Deregulation portfolio. [Received 15 February 2011]

  Human Services portfolio. [Received 17 February 2011]

  Innovation, Industry, Science and Research portfolio [2]. [Received 15 February 2011]

  Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security. [Received 14 February 2011]

  National Archives of Australia. [Received 15 February 2011]

  Office for Sport. [Received 18 February 2011]

  Office for the Arts. [Received 15 February 2011]

  Office of the Official Secretary to the Governor-General. [Received 18 February 2011]

  Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities portfolio. [Received 16 February 2011]

  Veterans' Affairs portfolio. [Received 18 February 2011]