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The following documents were tabled:

 Airservices Australia—Equity and diversity program 2007-10—Progress report for 2009-10.

 ASC Pty Ltd—

  Report for 2009-10.

  Statement of corporate intent 2010 to 2013.

 Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA)—Report on five years' operation of Schedule 3A to the Telecommunications Act 1997, the submarine cable protection regime, dated September 2010.

 Australian Government Solicitor—Statement of corporate intent 2010-11.

 Australian Postal Corporation (Australia Post)—

  Equal employment opportunity program—Report for 2009-10.

  Statement of corporate intent 2010-11 to 2012-13.

 Australian Rail Track Corporation Ltd (ARTC)—Statement of corporate intent 2010-11.

 Dairy Australia Limited—Report for 2009-10.

 Defence Force Retirement and Death Benefits Authority (DFRDB)—Report for 2009-10—Corrigendum.

 Defence Housing Australia—Statement of corporate intent 2010-11.

 Members of Parliament (Staff) Act 1984—Report for 2009-10.

 Private Health Insurance Administration Council—Report for 2009-10.

 Repatriation Commission, Military Rehabilitation and Compensation Commission and Department of Veterans' Affairs—Report for 2009-10, including financial statements of the Defence Service Homes Insurance Scheme—Reprint.

 Social Security Appeals Tribunal—Report for 2009-10.

 Sydney Airport Demand Management Act 1997—Quarterly reports on the maximum movement limit for Sydney Airport for the periods—

  1 April to 30 June 2010.

  1 July to 30 September 2010.

 Workplace Relations Act 1996—Report for the period 1 January 2007 to 31 December 2009 on agreement making under the Act.