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Senator Reid: To move on the next day of sitting-That the Senate, noting that-

(a) 19 March 1987 marks the 2nd anniversary of the establishment of the Joint Select Committee on Video Material;

(b) the Committee has to date failed to present any report to the Parliament; and

(c) there are 9 Members and Senators on the Committee, the majority of whom are Government members,

condemns the Federal Government for failing to introduce legislation for a moratorium on the sale and distribution of X-rated video material in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) during the intervening period of the Committee's inquiry, and calls upon the Government to now redress this situation by introducing legislation which will prevent the sale or distribution of X-rated material in the ACT pending the Report and to do so without further delay.

Senator Boswell: To move 8 sitting days after today-That the Northern Prawn Fishery (Special Provisions) Management Plan, as contained in Plan of Management No. 12 of 19 January 1987 and made under the Fisheries Act 1952, be disallowed.