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The Minister for Education (Senator Ryan) moved-That after consideration of Government Business, Order of the Day No. 1 (Income Tax Assessment Amendment (Capital Gains) Bill 1986 and Income Tax (Rates) Amendment (Capital Gains) Bill 1986), Government Business, Orders of the Day be considered in the following order-

(a) No. 7 (Australian Federal Police Amendment Bill 1986);

(b) No. 9 (Companies and Securities Legislation Amendment Bill 1986);

(c) No. 3 (Customs Tariff Amendment Bill 1986);

(d) No. 4 (Bounty and Subsidy Legislation Amendment Bill 1986);

(e) No. 5 (Australian Citizenship Amendment Bill 1986); and

(f) No. 6 (Migration Amendment Bill 1986).

Question-put and passed.