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The Manager of Government Business (Senator Grimes) tabled the following Papers:

Advisory Council for Inter-government Relations Act-Advisory Council for Inter-government Relations-Inter governmental Aspects of the Provision of Post-arrival Services for Immigrants-Report 10.

Australian National University Act-Australian National University-Financial statements 1984 (Part 2), together with the Auditor-General's Report thereon.

Statement by the Minister for Education.

Commonwealth Schools Commission Amendment Act-Curriculum Development Council-Annual Report 1985.

Independent Schools (Loans Guarantee) Act-Annual Report for 1 July 1984 to 31 December 1985-Statement by the Department of Education of payments made pursuant to section 8 of the Act.

Japan, China and the Philippines-Statement by the Prime Minister reporting on the May 1986 visit.

Non-government Schools (Loans Guarantee) Act-Annual Report 1985 by the Minister for Education.

Veterans' Entitlements Act-Papers prepared by the Department of Veterans' Affairs-

Guide to Assessment of Rates of Veterans' Pensions.

Repatriation Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme.

Treatment Principles.

Vehicle Assistance Scheme.

Veterans' Children Education Scheme.