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Senator Lewis, pursuant to notice, moved-That the Senate draws attention to the Federal Government's maladministration of the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) and-

(a) condemns the Federal Government for:

(i) its failure to consult the people of the ACT in its deliberations on the system and machinery of self-government of the ACT, whether by utilisation of members of the current ACT House of Assembly or by any other means,

(ii) its repeated demonstrations that militant industrial action will succeed ahead of moderation thereby encouraging widespread militant industrial disputation in the ACT,

(iii) its precipitate disbanding of the Capital Territory Health Commission at a time of crisis and before properly determining the nature of the bureaucracy that the new authority would inherit,

(iv) its failure to ensure that the National Capital Development Commission planning is sensitive to the needs and desires of the people of the ACT and failure to provide the Commission with adequate direction to ensure that proper consideration is given to community representations,

(v) its disgraceful administration of the ACT Housing Loans Scheme,

(vi) its failure to provide adequate and stable hospital services and to reduce the delays for patients awaiting surgery and casualty treatment,

(vii) its failure adequately to assess and meet the needs of the frail aged in need of nursing home accommodation,

(viii) allowing the ACT Trades and Labour Council to dictate what secondary schools will be built and where,

(ix) its failure to provide adequate long term parking in the Civic area,

(x) its failure adequately to fund the ACT Schools Authority,

(xi) its failure to rectify the potentially dangerous underground petrol pollution in the Civic area,

(xii) its failure to provide adequate mental health facilities in the ACT,

(xiii) its failure to replace obsolete or worn out vehicles and equipment in both the ACT section of the Australian Federal Police and the ACT Fire Brigade,

(xiv) its failure to encourage private enterprise to provide low cost housing for rental to the homeless and low income families, and

(xv) its failure to resolve with the New South Wales Government the problems of parole and remission of ACT prisoners; and

(b) calls on the Federal Government to:

(i) provide adequate machinery for the rapid resolution of industrial disputation in the ACT,

(ii) provide financial impact statements on all proposed changes in administrative or other Government arrangements affecting the ACT before implementation so that there may be informed debate, and

(iii) encourage greater non-Government participation in Canberra development projects by clear demonstration that such investment is welcome and does not have to overcome favoured treatment to semi-Government authorities.

Debate ensued.

Pursuant to Sessional Order, consideration of General Business was interrupted.