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Notices of Motion were given, as follows-

Senator Puplick: To move on the next day of sitting-That the Customs Regulations (Amendment), as contained in Statutory Rules 1985 No. 71 and made under the Customs Act 1901, be disallowed.

Senator Kilgariff: To move on the next day of sitting-That the Senate, in view of the ever-increasing cost of the receiving dishes necessary to receive Aussat transmissions, now estimated at between $2200 and $2700, and the fact that sales tax on the components of this equipment is levied at between 20 per cent and 32.5 per cent, calls upon the Government to investigate means of reducing the financial burden upon both individuals and organisations living and operating in the outback, for example, the Isolated Parents and Children's Association, who would greatly benefit from the receipt of the radio and television transmissions which Australians in the more populous eastern states take for granted.

Senator Jones: To move on the next day of sitting-That the Senate notes-

(a) the move by South African President Botha to grant dual citizenship to black South Africans in the 4 so called ""homelands'';

(b) that this move is only a cosmetic gesture designed to placate the increasing world abhorrence of the apartheid system;

(c) that even the Reagan administration in the United States has seen fit to declare that the Botha statement does not go far enough; and

(d) that the grave situation in South Africa can only be resolved when the entire national community, regardless of colour, race or creed, is given the franchise and full and free equal citizenship rights.