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The President informed the Senate that he had received a letter from the Leader of the Opposition in the Senate (Senator Chaney) advising that this day he intended to move-''That in the opinion of the Senate the following is a matter of urgency: The need for the Commonwealth Government to clarify its intentions with respect to overriding uniform land rights legislation by stating, without equivocation, whether it will legislate in accordance with its 5 principles including giving Aboriginals the right to veto mining on their land or whether it will accept State approaches which deny the veto.''.

And at least 4 Senators having risen in support of the motion- Senator Chaney thereupon moved the motion.

Debate ensued.


The Senate divided

AYES, 26

Senators- Baume Bjelke-Petersen Boswell Carrick, Sir John Chaney Collard (Teller) Crichton-Browne Durack Evans, Jack Guilfoyle, Dame Margaret Hamer Jessop Kilgariff Lajovic MacGibbon Macklin Martin Messner Missen Rae, Peter Reid Scott Teague Townley Walters Watson

NOES, 24

Senators- Childs Coleman Colston Crowley Elstob Evans, Gareth Georges Gietzelt Giles Grimes Hearn Jones McClelland McIntosh Maguire Primmer Ray, Robert Reynolds Richardson Robertson (Teller) Ryan Sibraa Walsh Zakharov And so it was resolved in the affirmative.

Pursuant to Sessional Order, consideration of Government Papers was called on.