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Senator Peter Rae, pursuant to Sessional Order, moved-That the Senate take note of the following Papers: Industries Assistance Commission-Reports- Copper and Certain Copper Products (including Removal of Export Control), dated 25 February 1983 (No. 315).

Fatty Acids and Certain Aliphatic Acids, their Salts and Esters; Glycerol; Tall Oil, dated 17 June 1983 (No. 323).

Lawnmowers, Certain Engines and Parts, dated 6 July 1983 (No. 326).

Passenger and Light Commercial Vehicles-Substitution, dated 14 December 1983 (No. 335).

Polyvinyl Chloride Homopolymer (Anti-Dumping), dated 4 October 1983 (No. 330).

Ordered-That the debate be adjourned till the next day of sitting, and that Senator Peter Rae have leave to continue his speech on the resumption of the debate.