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The following petitions, lodged with the Clerk by the Senators indicated, were received: Senators Crowley, Giles, Jones and Reid, from 39, 20, 40 and 604 petitioners, respectively, praying that the Senate ensure that chiropractic services are included in Medicare.

Senator Baume, from 166 petitioners praying that the Senate re-instate education funding to independent schools on an equitable basis.

Senators Baume, Gietzelt, Ryan and Tate, from 16, 103, 239 and 9 petitioners, respectively, praying that support be shown for the Government's education policies regarding Government and non-Government school funding.

Senator Baume, from 73 petitioners praying that Federal Government per capita grants in respect of all children in non-Government schools be continued at a level not less than that prevailing in 1983.

Senator Reid, from 203 petitioners praying that no further action be taken towards self-government in the Australian Capital Territory until after the publication of the findings of the Commonwealth Grants Commission Inquiry and the holding of a referendum of voters of the Australian Capital Territory.

Senator Sir John Carrick, from 34 petitioners praying that the Family Law Act and the Marriage Act be amended to strengthen the institution of marriage.

Senator Baume, from 336 petitioners praying that the proposal to build an airport in the North-Western region of Sydney, commonly called Scheyville, be rejected and that the findings of the MANS Committee be endorsed.

Senator Archer, from 2776 petitioners praying that the decision not to upgrade Wynyard Airport in Tasmania be reversed.

Senator Ryan, from 23 petitioners praying that the United Nations Convention on the elimination of all forms of discrimination against women be ratified.

Senator Ryan, from 33 petitioners praying that the Senate take certain action to improve funding and services to the post-school education sector.

Senator Ryan, from 7 petitioners praying that the Senate introduce anti-discrimination legislation to ensure equality of employment opportunities for women.

Senator Harradine, from 49 petitioners praying that the Senate make certain amendments to the Sex Discrimination Bill 1983 and ensure that a conscience vote on the Bill is permitted to all members of Parliament.

Senator Harradine, from 103 petitioners praying that the Sex Discrimination Bill 1983 be referred to a Joint Parliamentary Committee to examine its implications.

Senator Harradine, from 533 petitioners praying that the Senate establish a Select Committee to inquire into and report on the effect of the removal of tax exemption from Defence Force Reserves pay before the policy is implemented.