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The following Papers were presented: Census and Statistics Act-Australian Bureau of Statistics-Release of Lists-Proposal No. 1 of 1983-List of Names and Addresses of Manufacturing Establishments for Bureau of Transport Economics.

Australian Meat and Live-stock Corporation Act-Orders 1983- M1-Reporting of Sales (Meat for Export)

M2-Export of Chilled Sheep Meat

M3-Compliance with Contract Specifications (Meat)

M4-Export of Chilled Beef and Chilled Veal to U.S.A. and Canada

M5-Prohibition of Export of Bone-in Mutton Legs to Canada

M6-Restrictions of Export of Meat and Meat Products: Slaughter at Registered Premises

M7-Descriptions of Meat

M8-Export of Chilled Goat Meat

M9-Corporation's Forms 4, 9 and 10: Meat

M10-1983 Performance

M11-Halal Certification

M12-1984 Performance

MQ1-Buffalo Meat to the EEC-1983 Export Control Scheme

MQ2-High Quality Beef to EEC-1983 Control Scheme

MQ3-Sheep Meat and Goat Meat EEC (Excluding France)-1983 Export Control Scheme

MQ4-Meat to U.S.A.-1983 Export Control Scheme

MQ5-Buffalo Meat to the EEC-1984 Export Control Scheme

MQ6-High Quality Beef to EEC-1984 Control Scheme

MS1-Contract Requirements-Shipping of Meat to East Coast of North America and Gulf Ports, U.S.A.

MS2-Contract Requirements-Shipping of Meat to West Coast of North America

L1-Corporation's Form L: Live-stock

L2-Compliance with contract specifications (Live-stock)

LM1-Corporation's Form L: Live-stock Corporation's Forms 4, 9 and 10: Meat