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The following Papers were presented: Australian Bureau of Statistics Act-Australian Bureau of Statistics-Proposals 1983-No. 12-Survey of Migrant Status.

Customs Act-Regulations-Statutory Rules 1983 No. 272.

Defence Act-Determinations 1983- No. 24-Overseas Ration Allowance.

No. 25-Allowance Payable for Travel on Termination of Service.

Family Law Act-Regulations-Statutory Rules 1983 No. 273.

Live-stock Slaughter (Export Inspection Charge) Act-Regulations-Statutory Rules 1983 No. 279.

Navigation Act-Regulations-Statutory Rules 1983 Nos 275, 276, 277, 278.

Public Service Act-Appointment-Department of Industry and Commerce-Mr D. M. Bockman.

Seat of Government (Administration) Act- Notice of Variation of Plan of Layout of the City of Canberra and its Environs (81st Series), dated 17 November 1983.

Ordinances 1983- No. 55-Crimes (Amendment) (No. 3).

No. 56-Police Offences (Amendment).

States Grants (Petroleum Products) Act-Amendments of the Schedules to the subsidy schemes in relation to the States of New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia and Western Australia, dated 12 November 1983.

Statutory Rules Publication Act-Statement by the Minister for Administrative Services under sub-section 5 (3B) of the Act regarding the unavailability of the Electoral and Referendum Regulations (Statutory Rules 1983 No. 235).