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The Minister for Industry and Commerce (Senator Button) laid upon the Table the following Papers: Advance to the Minister for Finance-Statement for August 1983.

Canberra Planning and Development- Role and Functions of the National Capital Development Commission-Report of the Committee of Review, dated 6 July 1983.

Statement by the Minister for Territories and Local Government (Mr Uren).

Defence Act-Royal Military College of Australia-Annual Report, for year ended 31 January 1983.

Film Censorship Board- Report on activities 1982.

Statement by the Attorney-General (Senator Gareth Evans).

Industries Assistance Commission-Reports- Stranded Wire, Cables, Cordage, Ropes, etc., (Developing Country Preferences), dated 22 April 1983 (No. 317).

Tableware and Certain Other Goods, of Pottery (Developing Country Preferences), dated 25 March 1983 (No. 316).