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The Senate, according to Order, resolved itself into Committee for the further consideration of the Bill.

In the Committee

Clause 10 read- Senator Martin moved an amendment, viz: Page 8, proposed section 64, lines 15 and 16, leave out '', but the Governor-General shall not otherwise dismiss the Prime Minister from office''.

Debate ensued.

Question-That the words proposed to be left out be left out-put and passed.

Clause 10, as amended, agreed to.

Title read- Senator Evans moved an amendment, viz: Leave out ''disagreement between the Houses with respect to proposed laws''.

Question-That the words proposed to be left out be left out-put and passed.

Title, as amended, agreed to.

Bill to be reported with amendments, and an amendment in the Title.

The President resumed the Chair; and the Temporary Chairman of Committees ( Senator Colston) reported accordingly.

On the motion of Senator Evans the Report from the Committee was adopted.

Proposed suspension of Standing Orders: Senator Evans, pursuant to contingent notice, moved-That Standing Order 283 be suspended so as to enable a Call of the Senate to be made, without 21 days' notice, in connection with the third reading of the Constitution Alteration (Fixed Term Parliaments) Bill 1981.

Ordered-That the debate be adjourned till the next day of sitting, and that Senator Evans have leave to continue his speech on the resumption of the debate.