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The Leader of the Opposition in the Senate (Senator Button), pursuant to notice, moved- (1) That the following matter be referred to the Joint Committee on Foreign Affairs and Defence for inquiry and report as a matter of urgency: The effects on the aircraft industry of:

(a) the level of work needed by the industry in order to maintain skills in the industry;

(b) proposed retrenchments in the industry, as a result of the decision to cut by 30 the Nomad Project, on available skills in:

(i) technical management and design, and

(ii) trade skills related to aircraft production; and

(c) the cost of an extension of the Nomad Project to cover the loss of skills in projected retrenchments in the period between the rundown in Nomad production and the commencement of the F/A-18 and the trainer program.

(2) That no retrenchment of employees should take place until both Houses of the Parliament have debated the Joint Committee's Report on this reference.

Debate ensued.

The Minister for Veterans' Affairs (Senator Messner) moved an amendment, viz:

Paragraph 2, after the word ''no'', insert ''compulsory''.

Question-That the word proposed to be inserted be inserted-put and passed.

Main Question, as amended-put and passed.