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The Senate, according to Order, resolved itself into Committee for the consideration of the Bill.

In the Committee

Bill, by leave, taken as a whole.

Senator Macklin moved an amendment, viz: Page 29, after clause 43, add the following new clause:

Review of decisions

''43A. Section 107VC of the Principal Act is amended- (a) by inserting 'or a Board' after 'Commission' (wherever occurring); and

(b) by inserting after paragraph (1) (c) the following paragraphs: '(d) a person claimed to be a member of the Forces is not a member of the Forces within the meaning of section 100; or

(e) a person was not employed by the Commonwealth on a special mission within the meaning of section 100,'.''.

Debate ensued.

Amendment, by leave, withdrawn.

Senator Macklin moved-That the House of Representatives be requested to make the following amendment: Page 44, clause 85, after sub-clause (3), insert the following new sub-clause: ''(3A) A person who, but for the operation of the Repatriation Acts Amendment Act 1978, would have been entitled to receive a pension during the whole or any part of the period extending from the day on which Part VII of that Act commenced to 6 January 1983 shall be entitled to be paid an amount equal to the amount of pension he would have been paid during that period but for the operation of that Act.''.

Debate ensued.

Question-That the request be agreed to-put and negatived.

Bill to be reported without amendment.

The Acting Deputy-President (Senator Collard) resumed the Chair; and the Temporary Chairman of Committees (Senator McIntosh) reported accordingly.

On the motion of the Minister for Veterans' Affairs (Senator Messner) the Report from the Committee was adopted, and the Bill read a third time.