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The Attorney-General (Senator Durack), by Command of His Excellency the Governor -General, laid upon the Table the following Papers: Administrative Review Council-Review of import control and customs by-law decisions-Report to the Attorney-General.

Auditor-General's Office-Appointment of an independent auditor of the Auditor- General's Office-Statement by the Minister for Finance (Senator Dame Margaret Guilfoyle), dated 20 May 1982.

Australian Agricultural Council-Resolutions of the 113th meeting of the Council, held in Adelaide, South Australia, 8 February 1982.

Australian Citizenship Act-Proposed Amendments-Statement by the Minister for Immigration and Ethnic Affairs (Mr Macphee), dated 6 May 1982.

Australian Sheep Meat Study Mission to the Middle East, March-April 1982- Report , dated May 1982.

Statement by the Minister for Primary Industry (Mr Nixon).

Defence Review Committee-Interim Report on a Minister and Department of Defence Support, dated May 1982.

Department of Foreign Affairs-Annual Report, for 1981.

Industries Assistance Commission- Interim Report-Canning fruit, dated 25 March 1982 (No. 302).

Report-Ethylene, diethylene and triethylene glycols (developing country preferences), dated 18 December 1981(No. 294).

Law of the Sea-Third United Nations Conference-Report of the Australian Delegation- Tenth Session, New York, 9 March-24 April 1981.

Resumed Tenth Session, Geneva, 3-28 August 1981.

National Communications Satellite System- Information paper, dated May 1982.

Statement by the Minister for Communications (Mr Sinclair), dated 6 May 1982.

Overseas Professional Qualifications-Report (13th) of the Committee on Overseas Professional Qualifications to the Minister for Immigration and Ethnic Affairs ( Mr Macphee), December 1981.

Senator Durack, pursuant to Statute, laid upon the Table the following Papers: Australian Federal Police Act-Australian Federal Police-Annual Report, for year 1980-81.

Australian Science and Technology Council Act-Australian Science and Technology Council-Reports- Earth resources satellites: Australian facilities, dated March 1982.

Office of the Supervising Scientist, dated March 1982.

Bankruptcy Act-Annual Report (14th) on the operation of the Act, for year 1980- 81.

Canned Fruits (Sales Promotion) Act-Australian Canned Fruit Sales Promotion Committee-Annual Report, together with financial statements and the Auditor- General's Report thereon, for 1981.

Housing Assistance Act-Annual Report (3rd and final) on the operations of the Act, for year 1980-81.

Life Insurance Act-Life Insurance Commissioner- Annual Report (36th), for 1981.

Half-yearly financial and statistical bulletin, dated June 1981.

Tobacco Marketing Act-Australian Tobacco Board-Annual Report, together with financial statements and the Auditor-General's Report thereon, for 1981.