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The following Papers were presented, pursuant to Statute:

Australian Bureau of Statistics Act-Australian Bureau of Statistics-Proposals 1982-

No. 2-Expansion of the Survey of Operating Surplus.

No. 3-Survey of Income and other topics, September to November 1982.

Defence Act-Determinations 1982-

No. 15-Tonga Allowance.

No. 16-High Electricity Charges Allowance.

Seat of Government (Administration) Act-Variation of the Plan of Layout of the City of Canberra and its Environs (76th Series), dated 23 April 1982.

States Grants (Petroleum Products) Act-Amendments to the schedules of the subsidy scheme in relation to the States of-

Queensland, South Australia and Western Australia, dated 7 April 1982.

New South Wales, South Australia and Western Australia, dated 16 April 1982.