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Senator Evans, pursuant to Sessional Order, moved-That the Senate take note of the following Paper: Aircraft carrier purchase-Statement by the Minister for Defence (Mr Killen), dated 25 February 1982.

Senator Sibraa moved an amendment, viz: Leave out all words after ''That'', insert- ''(a) the Senate refer to the Joint Committee on Foreign Affairs and Defence, as a matter of urgency, the following matters:

(i) the relevance of an aircraft carrier to Australia's current and perceived strategic environment;

(ii) the role of an aircraft carrier in the defence force structure of Australia , and

(iii) the effects of the purchase of an aircraft carrier on the future defence procurement program; and

(b) the Committee be requested to report not later than 1 September 1982''.

Debate ensued.

Consideration of Ministerial Papers interrupted, pursuant to Sessional Order

And it being 2.15 p.m., according to Order, the Matter of Public Importance was called on-