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The Senate, according to Order, resolved itself into Committee for the consideration of the Report.

In the Committee

Senator Jessop moved--

(1) That the Committee of the Whole, having considered the Report of the Senate Select Committee on Parliament's Appropriations and Staffing--

(a) endorses the conclusions of the Committee as summarised on pages (viii) and (ix) of its Report;

and in relation to the recommendations of the Committee on page (ix) of the Report--

(b) resolves that the Senate should establish a Standing Committee to consider the Senate's appropriations and staffing;

(c) calls on the Government to agree that the appropriations for the Parliament be removed from the Bill for the ordinary annual services of the Government and included in a separate Parliamentary Appropriation Bill; (d) agrees that the expenditure administered by the Executive departments on behalf of the Parliament be brought together in a Parliamentary Appropriation Bill and that provision be made for an Advance to the President of the Senate on the same basis as the Advance to the Minister for Finance; (e) directs that the President arrange for discussions to be held with the appropriate Executive departments to review those functions which are currently administered by them, and subsequently to plan the transfer of functions suitable for administration by the Senate; and

(f) agrees that section 9 of the Public Service Act 1922 be amended to vest in the Presiding Officers, separately or jointly as the case may be, the power of appointment, promotion, creation, abolition and reclassification of offices, and the determination of rates of pay and conditions of service.

(2) That the foregoing Resolution be communicated to the House of Representatives by Message.

Debate ensued.

Ordered--That the Temporary Chairman of Committees (Senator Mulvihill) report progress and ask leave to sit again.

The President resumed the Chair; and Senator Mulvihill reported that the Committee had considered the Report and had made progress, and asked leave to sit again.

Ordered--That the Committee have leave to sit again on the next day of sitting.