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Senator Missen, pursuant to notice, moved--

(1) (a) That a Standing Committee of the Senate, to be known as the Standing Committee for the Scrutiny of Bills, be appointed to report, in respect of the clauses of Bills introduced into the Senate, and in respect of Acts of the Parliament, whether such Bills or Acts, by express words or otherwise--

(i) trespass unduly on personal rights and liberties;

(ii) make rights, liberties and obligations unduly dependent upon insufficiently defined administrative powers or non-reviewable administrative decisions; or

(iii) inappropriately delegate legislative power or insufficiently subject its exercise to parliamentary scrutiny; and

(b) that the Committee, for the purpose of reporting upon the clauses of a Bill when the Bill has been introduced into the Senate, may consider any proposed law or other document or information available to it, notwithstanding that such proposed law, document or information has not been presented to the Senate.

(2) (a) that the Committee consist of six Senators, three being members of the Government to be nominated by the Leader of the Government in the Senate, and three being Senators who are not members of the Government, to be nominated by the Leader of the Opposition in the Senate or by any minority group or groups or Independent Senator or Independent Senators; and

(b) that the nominations of the Opposition or any minority group or groups or Independent Senator or Independent Senators shall be determined by agreement between the Opposition and any minority group or groups or Independent Senator or Independent Senators, and, in the absence of agreement duly notified to the President, the question as to the representation on the Committee shall be determined by the Senate.

(3) That the Committee proceed to the despatch of business notwithstanding that all members have not been duly nominated and appointed and notwithstanding any vacancy.

(4) That the Committee elect as Chairman one of the members nominated by the Leader of the Government.

(5) That the Chairman of the Committee may, from time to time, appoint another member of the Committee to be the Deputy-Chairman of the Committee, and that the member so appointed act as Chairman of the Committee at any time when there is no Chairman or the Chairman is not present at a meeting of the Committee.

(6) That, in the event of an equality of voting, the Chairman, or the Deputy-Chairman when acting as Chairman, having a casting vote.

(7) That three members of the Committee be necessary to constitute a meeting of the Committee for the exercise of its powers.

(8) That the Committee have power to send for and examine persons, papers and records, to move from place to place, and to sit in public or in private, notwithstanding any prorogation of the Parliament or dissolution of the House of Representatives.

(9) That the Committee be empowered to appoint with the approval of the President counsel to advise the Committee.

(10) That the foregoing provisions of this Resolution, so far as they are inconsistent with the Standing Orders, have effect notwithstanding anything contained in the Standing Orders.

Debate ensued.

The Minister for Social Security (Senator Chaney) addressing the Chair--

And it being half-past ten p.m.--