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Tuesday, 10 February 2015
Page: 259

Senator KIM CARR (Victoria) (13:39): Can I put a question to you, Mr Temporary Chairman. My understanding is that the substantive motion to the amendment before the chair is actually Senator Wang's amendment; I had moved an amendment to his amendment. In what order will they be put?

The TEMPORARY CHAIRMAN ( Senator Bernardi ): Senator Carr, my advice is that we will deal with your amendment first, and then we will go to the Palmer United Party amendment. The variation of that will depend on whether your amendment is successful. The question before the chair is that opposition amendment (1) on sheet 7650 be agreed to.

Senator KIM CARR: I would like to deal specifically with this so-called question of retrospectivity, given that clearly the ground rules are changing. For instance, the company tax issue for large firms—the 1.5 per cent reduction—is not going to occur, despite the assertions that were made in the budget papers. I want to deal with the—

Senator Cormann: That is just not true!

Senator KIM CARR: Well, that is what you said.

Senator Cormann: That is not what I said.

Senator KIM CARR: That is what you said. You said: '…will remain the same—they will pay the same tax. The reductions won't occur.' If I have misunderstood you, I am sure you will be only too happy to correct the record. Perhaps you can do that. Maybe that is one question you can answer, since you are so short on answers for everything else. But that is clearly what I understood you to be saying—that large companies will still be paying the same rate of tax.

Senator Cormann: I said they will not pay any more.

Senator KIM CARR: Oh, they will not pay any more? Does that mean they will pay the same rate of tax or that they will not pay any more? I do not recall ever reading a measure in a government's budget papers where they are going to increase the taxes. Is that a new measure you are proposing?