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Friday, 25 November 2011
Page: 9680
DIVISION:AYES 46 (37 majority) NOES 9 PAIRS 0
Abetz, EAdams, J
Back, CJBernardi, C
Bilyk, CLBirmingham, SJ
Bishop, TMBoyce, SK
Brandis, GHBrown, CL (teller)
Cameron, DNCash, MC
Colbeck, RCrossin, P
Edwards, SEggleston, A
Evans, CFaulkner, J
Fawcett, DJFierravanti-Wells, C
Fifield, MPFisher, M
Furner, MLGallacher, AM
Hogg, JJHumphries, G
Kroger, HLudwig, JW
Lundy, KAMacdonald, ID
Madigan, JJMarshall, GM
Mason, BMcEwen, A
McKenzie, BMcLucas, J
Moore, CMNash, F
Parry, SRonaldson, M
Sherry, NJStephens, U
Sterle, GUrquhart, AE
Williams, JRXenophon, N
Brown, RJDi Natale, R
Hanson-Young, SCLudlam, S
Milne, CRhiannon, L
Siewert, R (teller)Waters, LJ
Wright, PL