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Monday, 27 February 2012
Page: 863

Senator RYAN (Victoria) (19:30): This bill is mainly technical in nature in that it completes the process commenced with the Remuneration and Other Legislation Amendment Bill, passed in this place last year in order to grant complete independence to the Remuneration Tribunal. It implements the recommendations of the Remuneration Tribunal, released in December last year, which in simple terms are to close the Life Gold Pass scheme to new entrants to this place from the commencement of the bill, including those who have not qualified but re-enter. It also reduces the cap upon the number of domestic return trips eligible for current holders of the Life Gold Pass. It also gives the Remuneration Tribunal the power to determine portions of additional office holder and ministerial salary that may be excluded from the benefits payable to members of the now closed 1948 parliamentary superannuation scheme.

In relation to the second matter, this bill merely ensures that members of the former and current superannuation schemes do not receive different treatment due to the Remuneration Tribunal's announcement or future determinations. The opposition supports this bill.