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Friday, 28 June 2013
Page: 4493

Senator CASH (Western Australia) (14:56): I rise to speak on the Migration Amendment (Temporary Sponsored Visas) Bill 2013. The sisterhood may have taken out one of their own the other night; the Labor leadership may have changed and you may now have Prime Minister Rudd; but, within the first 24 hours of Prime Minister Rudd reassuming the leadership, there is one thing that the Australian public have learnt and that is: they may have changed the Leader of the Australian Labor Party, but they have not changed their direction.

This bill is an example. If Mr Rudd had really meant it the other night when he said, 'I want to do a deal with business; I want to work with business,' this is the first piece of legislation he would have pulled. This legislation is nothing more and nothing less than the CFMEU, Minister O'Connor and former Prime Minister Gillard getting together without any consultation whatsoever with industry and without any regard for their own Office of Best Practice Regulation, which said, 'You have to assess regulatory impact in relation to this legislation.' No way—why do that when you can come to this place, stitch up a deal with your little mates in the Greens, the green doormat, and slam this legislation through the Senate with 3½ minutes of debate?

The Australian Mines and Metals Association got it right in their press release today: 'Day 1: Rudd sells business out to unions'. There you go. This is a business that is directly affected by this legislation and on day one AMMA is already issuing a statement—

Senator Farrell: Mr Deputy President, I rise on a point of order. I believe Senator Cash has exceeded the decibel levels in the—

The DEPUTY PRESIDENT: That is no point of order. Senator Cash has the call.

Senator CASH: If you want to talk about exceeding decibel levels, I wonder how loud former Prime Minister Gillard screamed when her own sisterhood knifed her in the back and took her out. Minister Wong is now sitting, reaping the spoils of the victory, drinking from the chalice of blood—Ms Gillard's own sisterhood took her out. Where is EMILY's List when you need them? There goes EMILY's List now, walking up to the table. This is what the sisterhood in the Labor Party do. They take out one of their own because they did not have the guts to take the former Prime Minister, Ms Gillard, to the election. They did not have the guts to have her face the Australian people.

Quite frankly, the current Prime Minister, Prime Minister Rudd mark II, is nothing more and nothing less than a carbon copy of Prime Minister Rudd mark I and former Prime Minister Gillard. This is the bill that says to the Australian people: nothing has changed at the top. You can take the photograph away and put up another photograph, but guess what? Unless you change the direction of your policy, unless you realise that you have made mistakes, the Australian people will judge you. When you have a piece of legislation as important as this being slammed through the Senate with 3½ minutes of debate, if that does not say the union movement controls the ALP, I do not know what does.

The PRESIDENT: Order! The time for consideration of the bill has expired. The question is that the bill now be read a second time.